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Hurombo huroyi – Watch this Zim man playing guitar

Hurombo huroyi – Watch this Zim man playing guitar

  • Zim has got a lot of talent

  • bhanju paruzevha ahooooi bt akafitwa nekuridza mbira mdhara uyo

  • Tsve kurima. ..basa musombodia ne mbanje. …end results ndiyo iyo

  • He’s good

  • Waal

  • hahaha

  • havas baba va Macheso here ava..vakada kufanana

  • Zvidhara zvine misakahwa izvi

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  • This art presentation is a painful state of socio-economic poverty not just an ordinary song but a reflection that mirrors a deep rooted state of our lives gravitated and cemented in our lives similar to life imprisonment. These songs are not only a sign of creativity but a life and to a certain extent a measure of many of a people in crisis. We have amongst ourselves people living the true lives of the songs. A reminder that the ministry of social welfare should comeback not by name but by deeds. When people in general (not meaning the ones on video) sing in happiness about their poverty it’s because they have accepted their fate.

  • Munenga Learnmore ari foreign based

  • Mwari huyai? ?

  • Tafadzwa Maseko

  • kkkkkkk haaaaa svakawoma wena.