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Mnangagwa SPEECH to Zimbabwean business community in South Africa – VIDEO

President Emmerson Mnangagwa addressing the Zimbabwean business community in South Africa. Recorded LIVE by Julius Shamu.

  • Shaka

    U can tell that the audience is a bunch of unemployed zimbabwe from Hillbrow and Yeoville . There are not even taking time to analyze what the guy is saying all they do is cheer everything he says. If Mnangagwa is serious we can organize visas for him and let him come to America , UK, Canada, Australia and meet the real diaspora that have kept zimbabwe going all this time. And we will ask him questions not this nonsense that he did in SA. The people he was talking to are refugees in SA and if they go back home he better have jobs for them. When we the real diasporeans come we are coming to create employment