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Confusion or stupidity? – Watch Zim man trying to retrieve goods from a burning truck

Confusion or stupidity? – Watch Zim man trying to retrieve goods from a burning truck

  • One becomes very confused in such a situation people.Dont call people all sort of names without knowing the motive behind him trying to reach out for his possessions in a burning truck.It could have been CHIKWAMBO chake or anything else.

  • Its confusion definately

  • Idiocy


      No that bag 💼 might have his valuables

  • imi hamuzivi kti mari yakawandisa haikwani mubag hre, saka munofunga kti imbe dzaaida kuburitsa ipapa, dai yakaita briefcase musingatauri zvese izvo



      $ his money was in that bag

  • A Zambian guy not Zim

  • Ska hustupid huri papi kana munhu achida kbvisa zvinhu zvake zvisatsva

  • Nothing points to this guy being Zimbabwean. Nehanda are you serious. In any case we all know what happens in an accident. He definitely is confused. The term you picked as a comparison is a bit harsh….stupidity…mmmm

  • Zambian Driver not Zimba

  • How do u know,maybe he wanted to retrieve his documents

  • Driver had no fire extinguisher wow!😂

  • his a zambian driver.

  • the burning part not a forewitness

  • Documents nothing else. If this guy was going to die obviously you were going to shift the blame to the camera man.

  • Kkkkkk kwaaa akanyorwa pamhanza here murume uyo kut Zimbabwean ? Nehanda chiiko nemi ..we meet some truck drivers here in Zim who are not Zimbos vachipfuura nemuno on their way to neighbouring countries ..and accident obvious dzinotombotwanya coz iAccident haiitike wakatarisira

  • Its u who is confused has the driver is not Zim its Zambian

  • Tk Tee Kay Bere hona mota yeJJ

  • Confusion

  • Why usinga psngidzi munhu wacho abuda mumoto