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Do Zimbabweans really understand Mental Illness – Watch this Video

Do Zimbabweans really understand Mental Illness – Watch this Video

  • Shame zvakaoma, ,,why people always assuming kuti akatora murume wemunhu…Witchcraft iriko anhuwee shameeeee

    • Wamakaona achipenga atora murume wemunhu ndekupi zviya that one is mere witchcraft dai vanhu vaipenga ne kutora varume vevanhu taitanga nekuona iwe wadaro amai vako, your sisters and all your female relatives vachipenga coz ndovakatanga kutora varume vevanhu. Next time be sensitive ukaona munhu anorwara nepfungwa nhyka.

  • Don’t say Zimbabweans, say zvivanhu zveku harare kumasvina

  • Very sad! Is it about nationality though or its just gross misunderstanding by a group of dead-hearted pple

  • Really sad. The sheer ignorance and lack of empathy in our people is amazing! Zimbabwe we’ve got a long way to go before we can start calling most of us civilised!

  • Poor girl definitely needs urgently be seen by a psychiatrists. ..the ignorant crowd is making it worse. … This could be drugs just something which runs in the family ie bipolar…she is now a danger to herself or to members of the public. …am surprised an educated society of Zimbabweans can be so ignorant to the extent of abusing a vulnerable person like this…chawana hama hachisekwi

  • Merry Christmas

  • It’s only a symptom of the whole situation.
    If a person was acting like this in a protest, then maybe nothing would be said, but it is still a sad situation.

  • Shame mwana mudiki zvake, she needs help veduwee. Pamwe ari kuita zvemadrugs saka anoda kuendeswa kurehab. Peer pressure muvana vedu. I dont think she is insane.

  • Nyaya yekungoungana kuti uoone and not do anything but talk nonsense, same with the guy who drowned in sa in front of friend on lookers hameno.

  • Sad

  • Sadly