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Ginimbi shows off his Presidential Suite – VIDEO

Ginimbi shows off his Presidential Suite – VIDEO

  • Zvinenge zvisisina kana hunhu.


  • Fucknorris

    Saka ndimo munoperera midhidhi yevamwe varume

  • Those who sweat for their millions don’t show off. Mbavha ndodzinoita show off.

  • Presidential suite inoda music from dj simpletouch can u hire me or add me on your next line up of dj’s at your next party ndikurangeyi ne ma Freash muri kuda dj akarongeka seni mukoma guenius passport iri ready (plane ticket ) chete towuya kuzo batsirana ku spakwa

  • He started of selling gas ⛽️ used to see him deliver at Avondale flea market kwa joze the place yaibikwa sadza and ku sunnigdale people used to order from him for resale so how could he not have made millions gas at $1’50 a kg apa he had tones of it my personal observation akanyangira bag 💼 👏

  • Guy started from nothing to something any one with proof that he stole money 💰 bring it out plain and simple

  • In case you didn’t know this guy was a wanted drug dealer In the US, he made a huge bag before he came to zim. some says he still runs drug business in the US.
    And of course he has other avenues on where some of his income come from


  • Showing off to poor Zimbabweans who follow you on Facebook makes it look dope

  • Mudzidzisi Ticha Bernard

    Ndezvemhiko izvi.That’s why he is alone there.Musachive hama dzangu.Live your normal life isina tuboys mukati.

  • Hello Tumy Modise hope you will watch the video

  • Shame , this country has a long way to go with such kind of people.

  • I maridzevaberiki idzi tenda mshakabvu sunny