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Nelson Chamisa in open truck promoting BVR voter registration – VIDEO

Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) Vice President Nelson Chamisa riding in an open truck while promoting BVR voter registration in Kuwadzana, Harare.

  • Lord watch over him ,protect him from these ruthless power hungry zanu pf thugs,he s all that we have now,Save’s condition is deteriorating day by day,they are done with him,he played his part and he still s aluta comrades

  • ko Morgan wacho aripi

  • team re tonaz rrikuziva zvokuita nepekuvhotera ngavaende kumaruzevha uku vavataurire zviri kuitika

    • Kuruzevha vanorohwa in Mudzi an Mp called Newton Kachepa metes out violence on opposition .

  • Yaa but its tym u visit mudzi mutoko my Darwin zvimba rusape etc cz thus wea a larger fraction remain left behind. Zvagara u dominate in urban areas

  • Mr chamisa please do even mavideos promoting vanhu kuvoter.kumamisha svikai futi companai zvakasimba we want to kick the corrupt government once and all.use masocial media to complain don’t wrry abt zbc and radio stations.alluta continue backwards never.

  • People will register yes but is the house in order. What is MDC-T promising and bringing to the ordinary man that is better than Garwe nemuswe waro?? Hezvo slogan yekuti Mugabe must go hapasisina.

  • They will never visit rural areas bcoz they are comfortable with the urban votes which will give them ticket to Parliament for the next 5 years. They don’t mind losing at national level as long as there job with good salary is there in Parliament. That’s why they want MT to remain on top even if he is no longer suitable. He is fighting for personal interest not the people. We the povo we are on our own. .

  • KUWADZANA must be last why not reaching kumamisha you guys

  • pamberi nachamisa anogona basa

  • I hate mfanha anonzi chamisa akadhakwa

  • I think its a good move and l urge the reporter to cover other aspiring opposition MPs who are also doing the same, l believe its high time you as an aspiring MP edge ur constituency to register so that you will get to tell them why they shld vote for you, you cant tell an un registered person abt electing u where and by wat miracle, so an aspiring MP shld do their part especially where they want to be elected, be visible in your constituency encouraging people to register making it work so that when the time for rallies come when the game plan will be unleashed everyone will be able to participate in this coming election. Go Aspiring MPs go