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WATCH: Minister of Foreign Affairs Sibusiso Moyo answering the press

WATCH: Minister of Foreign Affairs Sibusiso Moyo answering the press

  • Pamhatakatarisa kumatuzvino

  • Yes yes minister Sibusiso Moyo.

  • Arikutiii uyuuu amabakaaaa Kikikiki

  • Izviii hhhhh

  • Masoja zvedi haasi emashoko mazhinji 😂😂😂

  • What was the question?i can only hear him saying something like economic transition…….we the guy speaking in we need a cryptologist to encipher the Honourable minister’s response.masoja nemacodes.this time tinenge takazoibopa nekumashure.mwari dai vatiwanira nyasha

  • Let’s give these guys a chance

  • Kkkkkkk dayi kuri kupfimba mukadzi ndayi wumburuka hangu neka voice akokkkk

  • being a soldier doesn’t necessarily mean you only know the gun…. some you people u are shallow… look @ the effect of second world war… grow up u niggars

  • Uyu ndewemubarrack

  • He does have a PHD in International relations so don’t undermine his capability.

    • An educated guy I tell,let us not underate him

    • Yes degrees matter because you can’t just take people with no qualifications and we can’t keep compering everyone with Mugabe, let’s give the man a chance and see how he delivers

  • Stop it!!
    Siyayi munhu afambe bhoo apo

  • Nehanda Radio does not want any good to come out of Zimbabwe, their sponsors must be no nonsense guys

  • why is nehanda always negative hee

  • a man who said a lion is a goat and whole world believed him….. mgabe is safe we need criminals around him….

  • you nehandatv people are undermining the authority of our cabinet ministers…. manji i wont and have never trusted u guys…. just read so that i understand how foolish all u guys are…. i wonder if any of u fools are in Zim….

  • I am behind you Honorable minister – WIN WIN!

  • Iyi nehanda ingori negative manje soon tichapedzerana coz this tym hamuhwinhe

  • Nehanda sometimes your negativity disgusts..its now too much of your negative comments…why dont you also talk of his achievements..nxaa..makutibhowa manje

  • This man SB Moyo is very intelligent. I look forward to his tenure.

  • Economical diplomacy.transactional diplomacy Win Win.chapedza chimdara.ungamudi!

  • This guy deserves to be given a chance ,especially considering that he holds a PHD in lnternational Relations

  • Come comrade minister rega dzimbwa dziukure 🤣🤣🤣

  • Go our learned Minister go!!!