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Zanu PF UK’s Nick Mangwana tries to explain #Mnangagwa role in Gukurahundi Massacres – VIDEO

After decades in power, Robert Mugabe has been forced to surrender the presidency, but his party remains firmly in charge. Given its record of economic incompetence and disregard for human rights, don’t the people of Zimbabwe deserve better than ZANU-PF? Tim Sebastian meets the ruling ZANU-PF party’s UK chairman, Nick Mangwana.

  • They deserve better than zanu this is still old zanu nothing changed

    • Waida kuchinjeiko nhai loser

    • Why do you expect change from other men like you chasara kuitirwa change pa mukadzi wako go and do the change yourself wanoita zvawanoda coz you are spectators so just shut up and watch

    • We ñeed everything to changè

    • Mkadzi kudiikowo iwe

  • Past is past veduwee. Munhu anochinja inga baba vako vakamitisa vakadzi 23 wani asi vakazvisiya.

    • Taura hako iwe. Vanhu kungovukura asi havasati vaona kuti kuchazoitikeyi. Mangamati maona change nenguvai ipapa EDM akapinda muoffice last week? Tsvangirai haana kupromiser vanhu kuti within 90 days anenge achinja Zimbabwe but chii chaakaita? Nothing except to bring sanctions only.

    • Tsvangirai akambotonga Zimbabwe kupi nhai iwe.

    • U a mad .

    • the second prime minister of Zim was Tsvangirai

    • Sanctions my foot, when Ministers keep $10 million at their homes. We are tired of your cheap propaganda

    • Apana apa kuchinja chii

  • A snake is a snake

  • we are removing them 2018 ,enough of empty promises

  • vote chete


  • Remember this was a coup’ within Zanu pf ” not a national election!!

  • I am juss wondering why is mr chombo arrested alone, as if he is the only 1 corrupt

  • Apa parikushandiswa mtemo wedandemtande rinobata twupukanana tudoko richirega marize nemadzvinyu zvichienda, why mr chombo alone?

  • Shame on you Mangwana for calling brutal murder of nearly 20 000 people a ‘mistake’. These are serious war crimes

  • Mnangagwa’s boss was Mugabe. Some of the soldiers used in Gukurahundi were sons of Matabeleland but what could they do but take orders? Mnangagwa took orders even as those on Operation Murambatsvina, Operation Kutorara mapurazi etc. We all go by our boss’s dctates.

    • You don’t obey orders to kill your own people. …every excuse under the sun doesn’t excuse our sins before God. Zimbabwe needs to deal with this gukurahundi issue. Its way overdue

    • Friend….people are still taking orders to kill. The orderer is the chief culprit.

      I agree the issue must be solved but if we deal with one man only and leave the rest…what happens.

      Maybe he personally killed no one but as a leader he is involved in the killing. Those junior soldiers who did the actual killing were taking orders from above.

      So people take orders to kill and those who give the orders are the chief culprits. Why do we refuse to accept that Mugabe was the chief culprit here?

      The whole set up should be blamed including the Joint Operations Command and the Cabinet of the time.

      Some of the young soldiers who did this were from Matabeleland – they were under orders.

  • Hakuna mupisiti anobuda mumba memuroi ukaona akabudamo at the end of the day his true colors will come out

  • But he has some point though. All you need to watch a documentary called The British. In there is the butcher of Indian’s & most recent Syria & Blair in Iraq. I just find it ludicrous the way they want Africans to admit their wrong doings on live camera to publicly play dumb. The sad thing really some of you are actually picking on Mangwana as it seems some how easier to blame our kind. We can resolve our issues within Zimbabweans but when it comes to foreign intervention we need to protect our own. They are trying to rock our plans the moment we decide to move forward.

  • Little noise for now we have the elections next year please we have to be sure we cry for free and fair election since the old man will be now wacting from the terraces please

    • I agree! We must have one vision and one goal! Then wd can deal with Gurukahundi!


  • Nick Mangwana should chill a bit when challenged in an interview. This guy was choking too much as he was over emotional. He should learn to keep his cool.

  • Britain must keep the sanctions for now until the fair election since Mangwana said they will step down if they lose. And Mangwana stop defending Munangagwa everything that Tim said is true. From Congo to Zimbabwe he is a murderer and a corrupt man. He needs to come clean. Mapositori havasi mwari they will no help him.

    • the elite qont ever feel.the impact of the sanctions they are forever safe with millions stashed somewhere gor their use learn from the chombo case .

    • nhamo ndeye povho

    • Uchikwadzisa ani

    • Yes but they are banned from travelling to Europe and America

  • Munangagwa must go to jail,he knew what he did

  • We need no sanctions now they must be suspended with immediate effect becoz they are affecting ordinary citizen of Zimbabwe

    • Which sanctions are you talking about when people in power stolen $15 billion . If that wasn’t stolen we wouldn’t be crying about sanctions. Let’s not abuse the word sanction when people like Chombo are caught with $10 million hard cash when ordinary people are struggling to withdraw $15 from the bank. We are tired of propaganda.

  • Citizens l mean

  • Did not listen to the explanation but I always wonder why a noble,civilised & intelligent man like Nick Mangwana would support a party like Zanu PF

  • Iwe urimboko urikurarama uriku Britain ndosaka urikutaurazvisina basa ma sanctions ano afector vanhu vepasi vemaridzekuwanda havambozvione . dzikama wakura. Nxaaa

  • I am juss wondering why is mr Chombo arrested alone as if he is the only 1 corrupt. Because it’s Mnangagwa enemy patarisei amana mukuru uyu akazara nehuyipi Zanu yakashata boys

  • Forced by who? That was a tactical move

  • Forced by who? That was a tactical move

  • This chap is talking kak. Stop defending Gukurahundists. They are alive and

    a. Have better access to microphones and can speak for themselves

    b. They have better knowledge of their actions or lack of it in the genocide

    than you. Thank you.

  • Shaka

    Mistakes were made eg over 20 000 people killed

  • Just keep your mouth shut on this issue mangwana

  • That Mangwana thing sucks

  • past events lets look forward

  • nokutenda

    Calling murders mistakes eish

  • 20 000 pple huhh i thnk mangwana is a relative of 1 in zanu

  • Waste of space