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Strive Masiyiwa mocks Mugabe – VIDEO

Strive Masiyiwa mocks Mugabe – VIDEO

  • nonsense

  • Why not?mugabe’s government tried to stop econet wireless from providing servce while Joyce Mujuru was minister of telecommunications

    • Strive made billions in Zim under Mugabe Government and even benefitted from protectionist policies that kept Vodacom and MTN out.

    • It doesnt matter,they tried to block him from obtaining a licence

  • Makubudikirawo manje ana saka Bobo chainje chakafiga freedom chokwadi 🙏🙏🙏

  • He is ryt

  • Way to go.the tankers worked

  • Zimbabweans jumped out of a frying pan into the fire…lol. murderers can’t cede power to politician to later prosecute them. Remember the massacre of Matebele land.

  • Coward, why is he talking now?