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Mnangagwa introduces six new faces, including two military officers – VIDEO

A week after taking office, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has named his government introducing six new faces, including two military officers.

  • That’s great, good fantastic

  • What’s wrong with that. The fact that those who were already in cabinet were not putting on military uniform doesn’t mean they never did before. After every revolution we rearrange our structures and even those in uniforms look very nice in their suits. Just wait and see

  • Saka zvarwadza papi apa Nehanda….une propaganda iwe….ukuda kuisa deep stick hantie

  • Watch out for Chiwenga …..likely to be named vice president

  • The only good part of it is that those army officers are Zimbabweans . Thank you Mr president .

  • the recently announced cabinet is just a pool of tired geriatrics

  • Zimbabweans jumped out of a frying pan into the fire…lol. murderers can’t cede power to politician to later prosecute them. Remember the massacre of Matebele land.

    • Haaa tibvirepo hatidi kudzokera mashure mhani we want to go forward nxaa

    • Hedwig Sithole the idea was to protect them selves.They know that uncle Bob is tired to and unable to protect them now and tomorrow.

  • The problem is military is not supposed to stand with any part

  • Zanu Pf Defence Forces , Air force of Zanu Pf chinhu 1 chisiri che Zanu i police

  • One of Africa’s smallest and smartest countries Rwanda anongova masoja kubva kuanaPrseident ,pa Botswana president I ganaz saka zvazoshamisa paZim? Vukurai muchaneta henyu!

  • chero zvanaita but ziyai kuti mari one party hapana G40 kana Lacoste mukatanga kumamisana hapana anodzimura murikufunga kuti muri kusimbisa part but mukuuraya

  • Nehanda Radio is an opposition mouthpiece you want to make Mnangagwa bad , MDC-T was given an opportunity to have cabinet posts but were bargaining too much for nothing, Tsvangirai is interested in power not helping people, he wanted to be VP in whose cabinet? The people in the new cabinet are the most qualified, by the way there is nothing sinister about military in the cabinet, 22 US Presidents were men of military 9 of which were Generals , the best Secretary of state from US Colin Powell was a General, Rwanda’s President was a Soldier, HE the President of Botswana is Lt General, so just because ZANU has done it you want to manufacture bad propaganda, its not even 100 days yet , you guys what do you want to happen in Zim, a soldier is more patriotic than most civilians who steal and store their stash overseas e.g RG Mugabe and Proffesssor, Army is disciplined and focused. Now its boring u are repeating the same news to irritate people tirikukuonai hedu chimboitai.