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Dr Clarence: #Zimbabwe banks, companies and shops EXPOSED – Episode 1

Zimbabwe Banks, Companies and Shops EXPOSED – Episode 1

  • The question is where is the cash in the streets coming from? Because nearly no bank is giving money to legitimate account holders

    • Bad money drives good money out of circulation-Gresham law

    • I don’t think its Gresham. Industrial production lacks.

    • In economics yes the Gresham law applies but the situation in Zim is a different one. The cash was looted by Mugabe and his cronies who stashed it in their homes and abroad. If the bad money was available I would have agreed with your assertion. Both the good and bad is unavailable.

  • And just in these past few months. ..most compajies if not all that closed their books ..recorded higher profits than the previous years….where is all that money….going to if its not in banks to be used.

  • Give them big fines and close some

  • Banks have a contribution in the shortage of cash. There are some individuals who get cash in bulk for purpose of selling at black market. Those who sell money do not have a single bank account and a business to run from which to get the money. Investigations should cover a wide spectrum