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The ruins that Torwood Stadium has become – VIDEO

The ruins that Torwood Stadium has become – VIDEO

  • True Zimbabwean ruins.
    How did we get here???

  • pathetic

  • Hey hey vakomanaka

  • I’m sure the new President will act don’t worry

  • I remember that great stadium in the 80’s what a shame!

  • Makatoiswa mapeg emastands emayouth amugabe😂😂

  • This is a good example of the effects of the Sanctions the MDC called for, the stadium is only the iceberg, visible evidence. Go to Old River Lea, Old Jojo and Tiger Reef and you will shed tears. The town and community was reliant on Mining and smelting, that has stopped. All furnaces became obsolete, and livelihoods literally ground to a halt. Think of the workforce, their families (who paradoxically voted MDC in most elections in and around Kwekwe) and all downstream industries. Consider retail which is dependent on buying power as workers stopped earning, What about the %age of revenue central government was getting from taxation across the board? What about the provisioning of services? Zimbabweans, lets think patriotically before we act, Zvimwe h zvinozorwadza isu vacho. Tsvangirai and his powerhungry henchmen who called for the sanctions are living in mansions in leafy surbabia and the residents of Torwood breath the stench of raw sewer everyday. Most have become squatters in neighbouring farming /mining compounds. Hanzi tangai mandiisa ini panyanga! What evil hypocrisy! Thank you for the picture.

  • Tjooo

  • Built in rhodesia neglected in zim

  • Ngavanditengesere hangu ndiri sote