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WATCH: Heavily pregnant transgender Tatelicious Karigambe showing off her dance moves

WATCH: Heavily pregnant transgender Tatelicious Karigambe showing off her dance moves

  • Makutiratidza ngotshane dzevakadzi dzinenumbu moti muri news brodcasting network

  • Aika

  • people jus dnt understand, its normal to be gay or lesbian. will this sink in!

    • Its normal to abnormal people or paranormal sluts

    • u r right and its abnormal to schizophrenic idiots with chronic dementia

    • Gay or lesbian is evil

    • That is a mental problem they need help there is nothing normal about that ….go ask those pushing that agenda in america they will tell u it has allways been a mental health issue

    • Uri dhodhi kusvigwa mdhidhi kuti normal papi mdhidhi ndewe duzvi kwete kuiswa

      Hurwere hwenjere mutoro kwauri

    • its satanism kure uko hatidikuzviona

    • prob is most poeple jus join the bandwagon to critisize on issues they hardly understand. while i am neither gay nor lesbian i appreciate people have different sexual orientations, and its biological, its not mental as suggested by some mental patients here. after all why should you be worried about sex between consenting adults behind a closed door. what busimess of yours is it and how does it affect your life. instead of worrying about men who rape children, you lose sleep over sex between consenting adults. what a barbaric show of mental retardation!

    • Ko zvinei nekubvisa pant nxaaaa

    • Whilst you are right I could argue that incest is biological, yes I have consensual sex with my sister in my bedroom, what is wrong with that?

    • that one is different Alex, its criminal refer to your own constitution

    • Thats satanic.

    • If it was nomal ,it was going to b easy for everyone to understand it

    • in other words you mean Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity is not normal, because few understand it! my foot!

    • It has nothing to do with me…if its fine fr thm…whr do I cm in?…😆😆😆

    • Bare T..lets not try to reason where unneccessary just to suite something that is abnormal…transgender is just an act of satanism..if i can say..thats going against the gender that God created you to disgusting

    • so if doctors separate Siamese twins surgically to you thats satanism because its acting against God who created it like that? Nigel Kuzvidza

    • Dont put God in this argument, the bible itself is filled with hatemongering. My argument is we do not have a basis within which we can validate its sanity, its not even practised in the animal world hence with that basis we can simply classify it as an individual taste to sex, rather than abnormal

    • God created Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve….period, and btw our constitution does not accept such

    • i have heard that adam and steve thing since 1995, it doesn’t mean anything. infact God punished Adam and Eve for engaging in sex, he didnt punish Adam and steve. so your argument is self defeating

  • Kana musina newz keep quite

  • hamuna news ,Next caller please!

  • Sies

  • Very Shameless

  • So we’re told to accept these people as they are yet they could not accept themselves in the first place and had to change into another person

    Nge une2 rumekadzi here

  • Yeah regai mugabe arambire pa chigaro zvomene

  • forest isk

    Ko uyu anonzi ngochani sei iye achiita nhumbu

  • Go to hell iwe

  • ko kuzokwinya rhokwe kuti zviboda zvibude pazhe ndookutamba kwacho?

  • Pasi navo vanhu ava

  • rwaringezi

  • This is annoying!!!!!

  • Vanotamba vanobvisa mabhurungwa fti

  • Disgusting. ..personally I believe ngochani are worse than dogs and swines coz imbwa inotoziva kuti inofanira kuita sex nefemale one

  • Why vakadzi vazhinji vachiti kana vave kuda kutamba vanotanga kufongora? Does it mean kuti vakadzi havagoni kutamba kana vakange vasina kufongora


  • Pasi nevarwere vepfungwa ava

  • This guy is really crazy

  • uyu anoda help HOMBE

  • Mmmmmm sies

  • mean this is a naturally male guy who had sex change and hormone therapy and became a ”woman” then another came and banged him and he got pregnant? ndatorutsa/sengihlanzile.

    • Yes dea

    • Uhg!, its even pregnant🤨

    • shuwa zvosemesa

    • Nothing like that its impossible

    • Eric its possible very possible.even a woman can be made to have beards like a man and no breasts and stop going to periods.. It happened.They manipulate the male and female hormones to make what a person desires to be .Disgusting!

    • If it were possible then women without wombs would have babies… hakuna zvakadaro. Growing beards etc is easy . But pregnancy can never happen in a man. He has some sort of bag in there probably going to adopt and claim azvara. I call bull here

    • Kkkkk OK if u put it that way i get u.Its just that these sex change activists confuse us.

    • Chibereko chacho chinozobvepi pamurume

    • its actually happen.but it needs some good money

    • Mwana Mwana good question

  • Pliz vanoziva can yu explain to me kty how did she got pregnant ane two nhengo here 🥕neBeans bcz kana ari muface kusure kunonozoita kty pave nemimba sei tiudzeiwo

  • Nehanda kana washaya nyaya nyarara

  • Arbomination.Zvino semesa…achazvara humha hameno hake


  • What do mean admin when you say transgender?

  • Ko kubvisa panty.mmm yak!

  • Ngochani dzinonanga kuNehanda for publicity.

  • Thats evi

  • S/HE is not newsworthy

  • Puuuuuuuuuuuuuu dhoti

  • This world is so mixed up,there is something coming
    Watch Out
    Big punishment ahead

  • I find this disgusting.

  • transgender my foot.damn u .

  • Nehanda please dont post these disgusting stuff, toda news and real issues

  • Kkkkkkkk iwee mfana iwe