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Chombo appeared in court, remanded in custody – VIDEO

Chombo appeared in court, remanded in custody – VIDEO

  • Ngaashinge ndakambozviitwa izvi zvopera!!! Pasi nembavhaaaa

  • Pasi nekuba neumhandu kunyika yako

  • Feel the pinch baba giv him 37 years of hard labour ambonzwa kuti maZimba aifila sei all these years

  • Chombo..a sacrificed lamb.

  • We have heard enough of those criminals,we all know that they are busy eating cabbages in remand thing that you are trying to avoid or down play is the issue of tribalism.we hear one artist was given a torrid time by aleged tribalists,masqurading as a bumper crowd that came to witness history,the swearing in of His Excellency,President Emmerson D.Mnangagwa.if people try to silence one artist whose crime is singing in his mother tongue,then you as leading source of news for us,you remain silence,then you are enemies of progress,you are enemies of must post screaming headlines that condemn tribalism,lets all make Mnangagwa’s presidency a success,lets fight tribalism.TOSE TINE BASA

  • Vachombo munotokwanavo murori kkkkk sekuru julie munoendepiiko hamuzivi here chitima chakafa