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Chinamasa refuses to talk to Gonyeti… Lumumba says Mohadi new VP.. Dokora talks goats – BusTop TV

Comedian Gonyeti was interviewing several politicians the National Sports Stadium on Friday during the inauguration of Emmerson Mnangagwa as President. After interviewing Education Minister Lazarus Dokora, Webster Shamu and being snubbed by Patrick Chinamasa, up next was Acie Lumumba.

  • Chinamasa nxaaaa

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  • Asande sana 😂😂

  • Mohadi???

  • Anorambirei ipapa

    • he might be right, he is not yet a cabinet Minister, his term ended today there is no guarantee tht they will be in the nxt govt

  • Chinamasa imboko

  • Ndosaka akarohwa ne murungu uya chinamasa achatinetsa ane chindini ndini.

  • Chinamasa may have refused to say something to her.What most Zimbabweans do not know is that elsewhere on another interview,Chinamasa took back his mad utterances about Zanu PF not needing the opposition.He didn’t do it graciously though.He now claimed the media mistook what he said!Anyway,most people are satisfied that he eventually ate crow.Though this is purely speculation,one cannot escape a sneaking feeling that the new President might have rapped Chinamasa’s knuckles because of the ruckus some of us raised.Whatever the reason,good going Mr President.

  • Ko icho chigonyeti chava journalist here or chiri kuda kuita comedy pesepese. Chinofunga kuti ndiMandiitabenzi wachakabvunza zveAfriforum here

  • Chinamasa most likely had nothing substantial to say after all it’s a simple question 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Regis Gutuza Ngoni Mhonde Lae Titia

  • Dokora out out


  • ZANU will always be ZANU PF, tell me what happen to the arrested ministers? Why they never go appear in Court, please ZANU PF stop fooling people.

  • Ko iro gonyeti iri driver waro ndiyani

  • Ange asingadi zvakeka Chinamasa wacho kutaura naGonyeti ko zvinomanikidzwa here. Everyone can refuse kutaura newaasingadi ikodzero yako

  • kkkkkk chinamasa imbavha