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WATCH: Eddie Cross on CNN, says #Mnangagwa is ruthless but a very competent and intelligent man

WATCH: Eddie Cross on CNN, says #Mnangagwa is ruthless but a very competent and intelligent man

  • That’s exactly the type of the president Zimbabwe needs for it to prosper. Somebody who does not tolerate incompetence.

  • People are still forgetting that he is just an unelected interim president until we hold elections next year. Unless he goes the Mugabe way of closing the democratic space and rigging elections, then we will indeed be stuck with him for some time. Otherwise people are still free to chose their leader in 2018 and Munangagwa is not guaranteed to be that leader.

    • its written on the wall baba,like u said we are going to be stuck with him for quiet a long tym, with army behind him it could be as worse as hell

    • The only reason the world tolerated and accepted our army’s actions in this case is only because of everyone’s hatred of Mugabe. If the army was to try same on whoever wins next elections I can promise you the world will resist.

    • Dzava ngano. Garwe mupei chance .

  • We know that and i like it that way.

  • dont frog march our. people to attend ur rallies oooo

  • The Zimbabweans have been under ruthless and cruel rule, they will have to learn to live in an autonomous way.
    They will have to stop looking over their shoulder either to compare or to be careful they are not going to be attacked.
    They are going to have to learn to be confident and stop second guessing themselves.
    It will need a straight path forwards to give reality to their hopes.
    Nobody can afford a “one step forward, five steps backward”, method.

  • Ruthless as in evil yes i agree

  • Edie is tight he knows politics

  • Eddie krossssss hey wena mdc tht zanu tht eish @least its better thn to be under whites -the only ruthless creatures in th world

  • I don’t think so Eddie.

  • Give him a chance

  • Give him a chance

  • Farai Mavindidze

  • Farai Mavindidze

  • Mugabe was very ruthless bt very intelligent now which is which now?

  • Angapfuura the former herr pau intelligence apo,haiwa the former was intelligent