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#Mnangagwa arrives to rapturous applause, huge motorcade including helicopter – VIDEO

#Mnangagwa arrives to rapturous applause, huge motorcade including helicopter – VIDEO

  • Garwe Wabantu.

  • Viva garwe

  • ED ….stands for Economical Development ….let’s hope ndezvanhasi chete zvekuita motorcade and planecade ….tinganetsana

  • Welcome worse problem than mugabe if he starts with huge motor cage

    • dai aita motor shoma.kungo chinja huparadzi hwefinance veduwee

  • God bless our nation!

  • ZVatotanga baba vangu gushungo weeee !!!!!!!!

  • Dont do your kak on that hot seat


  • Someone tell him to tone it down on the motorcade, we dont need that reminder, but anyway,, welcome Mr President.

  • Cant u c kuti he is not alone, he was accompanied by ministers and vanhu vakawanda, ts not his motorcade alone

  • To those saying plenty cars relax guys…its friends, family and government officials. He has been in exile fearing his life from the villian mugabe. Wouldn’t you welcome him with love

  • grace aiona here vedeo iyo

  • Thank your

  • Vakariona vanorizeza Garwe, welcome home (Mudhara vauya)

  • yes yes Mr President

  • Yah Esh I’m worried I don’t to trust this guy.

  • Grace Manwa Tavonga Mamwa Chris Mamwa

  • That’s not a motorcade just incase u were wondering.

    • If it looks like a motorcade then it is a motorcade. Asi matokanganwa cup iya yaive yakanzi I’m the boss? He loves all the trappings of power like his predecessor before him.

    • unoti haazvizivi here kuti hatimude

    • This was Mugabe’s motorcade only that more cars were added for ED.

  • Zvema motorcade ndozvimwe zvakatiendesa kuhondo on Saturday muri ku exile cde ibvai masiyana nazvo. Zimbabwe as long as masoja aripo hapana anoguma mumwe.

  • Viva garwe rasvika

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  • Where is Grace Marufu Mugabe now?All power gone in less than a full two weeks all just because of her ungroomed way of speaking in public with no respect…

    • Her husband was estimated to have $660 million so I don’t think she is really much bothered with all that amount of money. Ko kuzoti iye Grace wacho mari yake?

    • Musanyeperane…sme ppl enjoy being in power knowing u r the one controlling things.especially wakambohunhanzva wobviswa unotobaiwa moyo chete.nobody enjoys demotion no matter how much u hv in yo poket to sustain yo life

    • Yes of course i know she and hubby have a lot of money that will sustain them for a very long time. I’m just simply talking about the political power and support base they used to have. That’s all..

  • Garwe renyu iri

  • Garwe renyu iri heya regai timboona

  • useless zanu pf politicians

  • After all is said and done, the real leader of Zim tomuziva hedu. The one who has been in this struggle for democracy for over 15 years. We all know him and his party. And time will come for his team to take Zim to its original state.

  • Kkkkkkk ko Helicopter ndeye hama futy here