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WATCH: Incredible U-turn as Mugabe’s “Obedient Son” Obert Mpofu thanks army for removing him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Home Affairs Minister Obert Mpofu says the #Zimbabwe army has freed the people, this from the man who signed his letters to #Mugabe writing “Your Obedient Son”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • The tide has turned

  • Iii u shuld be investigated iwewe ….

  • It’s normal. It can only be strange to people who don’t know that human love is fickle. The Lord Jesus showed it to us. In difficult moments, man will leave you. Even Jonso,.Kasukuwere and Chombo if they had not been arrested, they would have been at the forefront to denounce Mugabe. When Jesus was arrested, the disciples went their way. Peter like Chipanga followed, but when the heat was turned on him and pointedly told he was one of them, he flatly refused knowing Jesus 3 times despite having promised Jesus that such would never happen. Human love can only extend to a certain limit.

  • Kana Chinotimba who was very loyal to Mugabe betrayed him, why wouldn’t the rest do the same?

  • Kkkkkkkkkkkk

  • You are going down that won’t save you.

  • With the way Mugabe is feared in Zimbabwe,i find it hard to believe that war vets leaders grew some balls and decided to topple him!!

    I actually think everything is being done with his blessing

    He is old,sick and dying.He couldn’t go on much longer.At some point he had to give in.He had to give up.The firing of ED Munangagwa and his amazing comeback just after a few weeks,cleanses him.He comes back a hero in the eyes of the masses.Zanu PF is renewed.It is given a new lease of life.Just look at how the people have fallen head over heels in love with the military that has been oppressing them for years.But on the real Munangagwa is equally if not more evil.Imagine if Mugabe had handpicked a successor.What would we be saying about that successor??We would be calling him a puppet.He would be equally unpopular.This kind of transition ensures that Zanu PF survives without Mugabe at the helm.The war vets toppled a man who is dying anyway.Kuita muchekadzafa

    Mugabe took one for the team



    • Naked truth

    • Watchu saying is true but pawati MDC ndabvandati nxaa mgoshogoma

    • nxa mdc yacho iri ku supporter Ngwena fuck mdc toi vhotera kuti yadii E.D Mnangagwa people’s choice

    • Guys icho chamboita kuti army iite izvi first time in history telling the truth hapana opposition kana ma mvnt groups havaikwanisa kumubvisa saka Mwari vane chinangwa neZimbabwe lets give them a chance its a new beginning in Zim politics

    • u are spot on Phiri. ppl must watch carefulΔΊy cΕΊ a monster is repΔΊΓ cing a monster here

  • Zanu needs to cleanse itself. Obert, Psychology and all corrupt loyalist should also go

  • He has to go period

  • People were scared of the murderer

  • ,Where is SK Moyo

  • imbavha hombe munhu uyu ngaabaye futi iyeyu .Vic falls yose ndeyake.

  • army please investigate Mpofu and arrest him

  • Ko idzi dzakasara sei, cz akaba zvakanyanya futi!

  • Obedient son yes, we can’t blame him, someone’s one has to keep his/her job. Of you are under a horrible boss, you can’t be horrible on his face too, if you want your job.

  • He is singing for his supper

  • Another big thief

  • ungatochembera usina kuona president mutsva kkk

  • Noone amongst Zanu pf fat cats is a saint. Those detained by the army are just unfortunate.

  • Arrest him

  • Honestly speaking I don’t trust this guy, he is s big tsotsi

  • Kkkk kkkk, ‘Your obedient son’, kkkk, lungs laughed out

  • Hypocricy.

  • The irony πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • We are not fools

  • How come Mugabe did not attend that meeting?? He will definetly find a loophole and use that to evade expulsion. What does the ZANU Pf constitution say about removing or recalling a Party President??

    • Mujuru akadzingwa asipo hama. Hazvinei nekuti wauya here. Hakusi kuchikoro kwaunodzingwa uripo.

      Kubasa uku

    • they only needed 150 people to form a quorum and the number was it’s legitimate with or without him.

    • Kkkkkkk hakusi kuchikoro kwaunodzingwa uripo

    • Hameno, isu ziiiii sevanhu vakuru. Ini hangu anything ZANU Pf is poison.

  • Yes Psycology Maziwisa must go . Was also another bootlicker of the tyrant mugabe.

  • Well knwn state coffers looters lk obedient mpofu given anothr chance to loot again? Pipol ar being used to celebrate zanu’s restructuring project…only tym wl tell

    • taura hako imbavha dzese

    • Pipol ar being blindfolded bi mugabe mst go songs n being diverted frm de real causes f our suffering. Looting continues

  • Circus, these people think Zimbabweans are fools. They created the monster in Mugabe, bootlickers.

  • When I see people lyk Mpofu, SK , Chinoz and hordes of Grace’s relatives ana Bimha, Chidhakwa being fetted at the high table, my heart bleeds

  • Take that man General Chewenga please!!!

  • Fat Obert only thinks about his stomach!

  • Obert is a questionable mining minister

  • People must understand that guys like Obert Mpofu were actually liberated yesterday too. Their balls were being strangled under Mugaba sorry Mugabe’s rule. Now they are gulping for air like someone anga akumwa zvikapu muna Limpopo. Freedom is for everyone, asiwo this mbavha should show sincerity by returning his loot to the people.


  • Mbavha

  • Chiwenga arrest obert mpofu quickly

  • Where is jonso, chombo kasukuwere,,,bring them to book ………..

  • Obert Dumbuguru Mpofu is a notorious thief

  • Following

  • Protecting his ill-gotten wealth.😳😳😳

  • KKKKKKK We’re being used as scaffolds in Zanupf restructuring project, all of a sudden Morgan has become the enemy & the butcher ED is now a hero, Zimboz wake up madyisweiko nemazanu!

  • Personally I think this guy should be arrested

  • Tearing down his own father, some people are just snakes

  • kana ari sa ‘obidient son’ ngaadzose mari yese yaakaba vese na chinamasa

  • Ndoimwe mbavha iyoyi

  • kkkk Just wait the General is on his way, obedient son! my foot!

  • ever heard of Judas Iscariot ? Malema ? People are entitled to change their positions or affiliation…

    Malema once said. ” I will kill for Zuma ” , now I can say he rephrased it to ” I will kill Zuma ” . so mpofu is no exception . ” obedient son to disobedient ” as long as it suits the party..

  • Wonder why this guy is still free he must be imprisoned for corruption like his fellow comrades kusukuwere ,Jonathan and chombo