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#Mugabe fired! – Watch Mutsvangwa and other Zanu PF members celebrating

#Mugabe fired! – Watch Mutsvangwa and other Zanu PF members celebrating

  • kupemberera n’anga neichabata mai ,akapedza term yake opposition yobva yahwina chamagona hapana

  • Zimbabwe is the only Country in the World where the Police were locked up and crime went down , just shows who the criminals really are 😂😂

  • We have heard that before the president hes gone but he still there ..

  • Big up General. Never thought this day would come. He was supposed to be part of the gathering. Haafanirwe kudzingwa in absentia. But anyway aingorara futi so same thing.

  • The legality of the process is questionable.

    Especially considering expelled members took part

    • Imagine uncle Bob appearing in court contesting the legality of this

    • No chance in hell, after house arrest he will be dozing off in exile

    • That’s very true.. But l hope Mugabe won’t challenge this in courts

    • Did Mnangagwa need court appeal to return.

      Thing is no matter what Mugabe should not be released to continue as President .

      If they do so now these things can easily be reversed

    • Tsvangirai challenged election results how many times?

    • Chenhamo mutengure his lawyers can still do that on behalf of him….but Haa l think he is surrendering

    • It’s all good because he had not consulted central committee when he sacked him from the party. This is not about the vice presidency yet. It’s about him violating party constitution so they have reinstated ED back into the party and his position in central committee. Next if Bob is successfuly impeached , then party will sort out how ED goes back. The lady vice can chose to resign from her position etc. it’s party chase game now. ED is smart on such things. Don’t worry people.

    • There is no way out


  • Lorraine Kumire

  • Chenhamo Mutengure u are so wayward and dangerous to discussion , unopiweiko naGrace iwe pfutsek mhani baba vako .

    • Don’t be emotional its just about a fact.. .Mugabe can still constitutionally challenge this, but we all hope he doesn’t go that route coz am sure he is stressed and fed up

  • Nw eating cheese in Zimbabwe

  • Wait a minute!!!!did o hear long live the new president?

  • Yes it’s worth celebrating

  • Ngaaende ngaaende ngaaendeeee

  • Zimbabwe yoweeeeeee!! finally we can kick his ass

  • Okungapheli kuyahlola!!!! Chisingaperi chinoshura!!! Nothing lasts forever!!!!

  • Stop creating another monster of a leader now

  • No no no no long live new president 2 terms and he goes no long live here don’t start zvema long live.

  • Two term live to New Mr President!!

  • Fastest way to cripple a democracy and its economy is letting war verts run the country

  • Job well done ladies and gentlemen. The G40 criminals should rot in jail. Dont give them a chance to raise their ugly heads again. Find Zhuwawo and bring him to book with his fellow criminals

  • Reason to impeach him – sleeping at work excessively, failure to call meetings for due process when sacking subordinates, accusing subordinates of witchcraft, poor communication with executives etc

  • Ichokwadi here ichi amana hluhluhlu ko marudyata aripi ?

  • Deposing Mgabe without recovering billions he stole will be useless, he must bring back the money.

  • Can u please go and bring patrick zhuwawo back to face his music je thinks what is happening is a film he just want to catch a wake up call

  • I have never seen zimbabwean people happy like this

  • Is it true??? Ko marujata arikupi? He was firing now is fired.

  • Mbavha guru vese chichakaita kuti vanamutsvanga vadzingwa Ku Zbc handiti vaiba vaipa Mugabe here .ngwarai vanhu Ava vavharira ma opposition kuti vasambofa vakatanga Zim vachiti netsvo vakarwa open your eyes it’s for their benefit izvi nekuti kana iye munangagwa wacho vaingoba handiti ndoyavakarovera Chipanga achiti wakaisepi 15billion bachiwenga hapana chipenyu mbavha dzose vanoreva kuti vaipa Mugabe mari dzose .just know kuti havadi Zim kuti itongwe nevasina kuenda kugondo

  • Kungobvisa rimwe devil muchiisa rimwe ramunoti remvura nothing to celebrate

  • What is Paul Mangwana doing there

  • Hmmmm this whole story is really confusing coz its lke Bob wll not step down easly