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Temba Mliswa explains legal route Zanu PF will use to remove #Mugabe on Sunday – VIDEO

Outspoken Norton independent MP Temba Mliswa explains the legal route which Zanu PF is going to use to remove President Robert Mugabe on Sunday via the Central Committee. He stresses the key role that Former Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa will play as the Zanu PF Secretary for Legal Affairs.


  • Ok

  • I hate temba mliswa even if he does good, so help m God

  • Pls. Akakutadzireyi.

    • He z nt straight kwaridzwa inoririsa ndokwaanotambira…. NT to b trusted same as this lumumba snitch

    • Ok. kana ariwo maonero ako. Ini handinyatso muzivi.

    • Temba don’t take sides, shit is shit whether by who thats why i like him

  • agara mutengesi uyo ndiye mumwe akatora mombe dzaiwedze pension yamudhara wangu muroyi uyo

  • Tsano pano hatidi ngano mazino ayo tomagwejenura.

  • temba waste no time in fighting mugabe take time on your popularity plz you not popular like the lord of conquered lands

  • Legal route yei. Who voted him. We all know Mugabe lost in the last election but refused to leave office. He must go chete

  • General, paita mumwezve kuno, svikai.

  • Don’t start to pfee people in the new Zimbabwe ngwenya vasati vauya

  • Can’t wait

  • Hoo

  • Once u fail u will pay even by ur life now once u go back mgabe is coming after you with full force n some will pay with their lifes strue

  • Akarova Sarah Mahoka, akamuti hauna kudzidza. Vazova ku court Sarah kwakubvunzwa kuti, wakarohwa nguvai? Zvikanzi nekushaya kudzidza kwangu ndingazive kuti dzaive nguvai? Magistrate Ndobva vasvotwa nemhinduro iyoyo vabva varasa nyaya.kkkkkk true story

  • Knehutsinye kmnhu aka kaka tora plot zvechisimba after karoi right side kariba road achishndsa vnhu ovanyima mari dzvo obuditsa pfuti true story.

  • Ana muchekadzafa wo ava.

  • Tozoona Jacob Maforo FYI

    • Yes! Been following this part of the effort. There is clear deliberateness to avoid the whole exercise been deemed to be a COUP!

  • Chinamasa wacho akatobuda achitaura nyobvo nezvavaMugabe..akumboda kuti kudiiko mfanha uyu…?? Ngayende kukaroi anopa vanhu mari dzavo… he is a failure….

    • Talk of hypocrites… He doesn’t know that anything can happen

    • When they are at high regards,they see so little in ppl of low stature

  • It’s for the good of Zimbabwe. Failure of this prospective gvt begins when they do not make an inclusive government. Greediness is what took us where we are today. Themba’s utterance has shown us that we may be removing the system and replace it with the same.
    Remember we are not making a smile about your readmition into your maffia Party but the opportunity to have a new face on the helm of the party. Otherwise the same smiles may soon turn into missery.
    What exactly have you done that makes people recognize you other than just being a boxer, a looter etc.

  • mr mliswa you mouth is a bit too fast for your brains. the likes of you and acie lumumba please we do not know where you stand in the looters paradise. from a fitness trainer to a rich politician? smells of some g40 blood.

  • if u listening Temba go and tell yo zanu-pf that we dont want to hear nonsense we want change from top to bottom ZANU pasi nayo

  • if u listening Temba go and tell yo zanu-pf that we dont want to hear nonsense we want change from top to bottom ZANU pasi nayo

  • Blaa blaa to much you wont get another chance .

  • Mugabe is no small creature guys, if given a small chance to think, he’s capable of pulling a ha pa ka dabra. Why is it taking too long. So true, the coup was not coup… It was a hoax.

  • What Temba is saying is wishful thinking zanu pf needs M D C now more than Mdc needs them, Zanu pf can not go into a election with mnangangwa having been in power only for the 3 months and being this devided they will loose heavily and if they decide to go alone then the constitution says election should be held within 6 months ,their only hope is a transitional government that can keep them in power for longer while they regroup. In the event of that ennarson foolishly agrees to election in 2018 by going alone that will the end of zanu of as we know it

  • Ave kudawo lumo uyo