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Mugabe is fine but confined in his home – Jacob Zuma (VIDEO)

The Zimbabwe war veterans’ secretary general has called for recall of Robert Mugabe as president and first secretary of Zanu PF. In another development, President Jacob Zuma has appointed Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula and Minister of State Security Bongani Bongo as his special envoys to Zimbabwe


  • South Africans must not interfere in the internal affairs of our sovereign Zimbabwe.Dont impose the Mugabe dynasty on us.

  • not Mugabe…

  • Wtf Mugabe must jus be killed stupid war veterans to hell

  • Mugabe must step down today

    • Don’t worry, Fridae ur prayer will be answered .

  • please tell Zuma not to send anyone to talk to anybody in Zimbabwe we dont want him to ruin this for us. Why didnt he send someone when Mnangangwa was fired, when Grace threatened to take over the VP post? when the airport was renamed? why didnt he send someone to arrest Grace on the electrical code assult. Now its our chance of freedom you want to send someone? The Zim national Amry when you are done with Mugabe please deal with who ever was sent by Zuma too.

  • Dear Messrs Mnangagwa, Chiwenga and Mutsvangwa,

    The events of the past few days have indeed caught many Zimbabweans by surprise, albeit welcome surprise. It has remained an insult to Zimbabweans that someone lottery-picked from the secretarial pool could be springboarded to the highest office in the land. However this soft-coup that you have undertaken runs the risks of unraveling if Zimbabweans and SADC are not brought into your confidence. This calls for supreme benevolence on your part for the betterment of this beloved country. It may require a paradigm shift in an effort to demonstrate that you’re not just power hungry individuals. However, it is important to highlight you have crossed the Rubicon, and the saying that comes to mind is, “He who pays the pipers calls the tune”. Therefore we can only hope that our suggestions receive your audience. As a typical ordinary citizen of this country, I propose the following;

    Enhanced Global Political Agreement

    (1) Given our divided political history, and the urgent need to address our current economic quandary, I propose that the Head of Govt; Secretary for Defence; Home Affairs; and National Security be offered to one of two individuals; Messrs Strive Masiyiwa or Messrs Dumiso Dabengwa. The urgent current need for Zimbabwe is redress of the economic situation. Your speech this week highlighted the lack of meaningful progress during the past 5 years. Thus I propose someone who is seemingly untainted, but can meaningfully engage the international investor community, Messrs Strive Masiyiwa. I do note your own imperatives to protect Zimbabwe’s revolutionary history, hence my other proposal of Messrs Dumiso Dabengwa.
    (2) There shall be no more than 10 secretaries, including the head of govt, in this cabinet.
    (3) Finance; trade and industrial development; and economic policy development shall be offered to a non-partisan professional – Messrs Mthuli Ncube or Messrs Nkosana Moyo
    (4) Two deputy heads of government shall be offered, one from the ruling party and one from the main opposition party in parliament.
    (5) The remaining secretaries shall be divided between the ruling party (4) and opposition parties (2).
    (6) The mandate of this Transitional Authority shall be
    a. Maintain and improve the economic and social welfare of the country
    b. Maintain peace and stability
    c. Re-engage with the international community, including Commonwealth
    d. Prepare the country for free and fair elections within 18 months
    (7) This govt shall present to parliament its budget and policies for approval.
    (8) In the execution of govt business, and during the economic turmoil, and in redressing our painful historical past, the levers of govt have not operated optimally. Therefore, in order to move on and for victims to know the truth, a Truth Openness and Reconciliation Authority (TORA) shall be constituted. All parties and individuals that have held political office or have been influenced by holders of political office shall approach TORA within 24 months to reveal their crimes. Such crimes may be financial, criminal, political or otherwise. If properly revealed, there shall be no prosecution or persecution.

    Conclusion: The main aim of this Enhanced Global Political Agreement is to ensure that SADC supports the rebuilding of Zimbabwe. It will also dissuade our neighbours from viewing this grab of power as a perpetuation of the economic rot and social upheaval that you mentioned in your speeches over the past year.

  • Plz Mr Zuma wait sikathele ukuba eSA sifuna ukubuyela ekhaya plz

  • We must understand why Mugabe is being re called. He must resign in accordance with the Party and government constitution….so that his legacy can be preserved and get a chance to be laid at the national Heroes. He no longer dictates government and party affairs ….he is operating like an android. Just like what Grace and the Gay 40 where doing to him…the tide has changed but for a better cause. My reason is that new ideas to do business in this country will take a new twist. Investors confidence is guaranteed with Mugabe’s demise..

  • war veterans are like assholes Satan wanhu wekusafunga

  • Mugabe is not a right man fire him

  • South Africa please don’t involve yourself in our politics plz plz u are assholes

  • Zuma and mugabe are the same

  • Ko dofo iri remagupta ndoricha gadzira chiyi vakoma dei amy ika sunga zvwese