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Mnangagwa in the country, Chombo and Chipanga arrested – Lumumba (VIDEO)

Mnangagwa in the country, Chombo and Chipanga arrested – Lumumba (VIDEO)

  • Mmmmmm

  • How true is that?

  • kkkkkkkk u make my day

  • Remember Prophecy yakati a leader achabva from outside the country…there yu have it Zimbabweans…Mdhara vauya kkkkk

  • chipanga ngaaende

  • Zimbabwe ino ngo farira arrest arrest this arrest that just arrest mgabe watcho ambonokwigwa kujere ikoko

  • Yep

  • isu tirikuma terrecy tirikuona nekuonerera zhedu

  • Lumumba got info remember what he said

  • Following From Ug,hw Dictators Fall

  • The return of the Croco – lion.

  • Lol! Lumumba are you serious?

  • KoJonso

  • Chipanga ngasvinwe tumabhora itoto kungowawata shit

  • If possible give them 100yrs pliz in prison

  • ngavanotora grace ataure zviya futi

  • Sorry for this Idiot young Chipanga mufana apinda busy uyu 😜😜😜😜

    • dzungu…in politics never be too vocal coz when things change ma1. Look at all the noise makers now

    • Mendi haasati asungwawo here

  • Mdhara vatouya, kana pane ane Disk raJah kutonga kwaro anoti on most songs ,, military touch,, aizivei. Atizve ndarota masoja pose pose vakapakata uuuuuuuuum muchinda uyu is in the syndicate chete. Play the disk now

  • ko iye BOBO wacho munomutyirei.ndaende kwaZvimba.

  • Kudzai Chimpanzee Chipanga must be shitting in his oversize pants now #handeitione

  • Ko kasuku ne Jonso Moyo vasiirweyi?

  • Chipanga to hell kufira pamuromo seakarwa Hondo.

    • Uenhamo iwe hondo chii our fathers vakafira mahara chii chaitwa ne Zanu snce 1980 ma cmrades chaiwo akaenda kuhondo havachamude zanu shit broo

  • Hayi kunzima welcme back our beloved country from these criminals looting from poor old pple


  • Is this real

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  • So jonzo is hiding at vp mboko

  • what will the Croco do? Gukurahundi part 2?

  • fidza

    can we safely say ace is a better prophetic papa than tunana magaya nana angel, all he has said has come to pass kkk

  • Chipanga ngaamamiswe-vhivha Mnangagwa-as our new president

  • What about Johnathan (bhondi) Moyo and Zevhiya (makaranga) Kasukuwere ava handifungi kuti vachapona this tym ndikare vachishungurudza mawarvets

  • The Chipanga that i know is Hosiah Chipanga

  • Chipanga I Sascam .
    rema, dununu ,dofo kusevenseswa kutoka army commander kutuka Ngweeeeeeena usati wayambuka .

  • l hate Chipanga apinda mu zanu achiti pamwe akati Grace aite president iye achaitwa vice now he’s behind bars

  • Lumumba lumumba lumumbs

  • It was inevitable…. Now Mugabe must hand over power to Mnangagwa in a constitutional way. Mnangagwa is a civilian. Cde Mugabe became a liability to the nation due to his advanced age…..that he couldn’t even remember which month we r….and this gave advantage to his wife’s political ambitions…a misconception she got from the young G40. Thereby dancing on slippery ground….for Chipanga …he was used as a decoy and the boy will regret big time.

  • This is not an arrest pane tsoro iri kutambwa apa ,who ever goes to the military to fan for a coup is to nabbed nd thy wil use that person to fish out all those who are planning to topple the old man ,this is the story behind the story ,whoever raises his head to push the military to a coup wil be in big trouble nd all hell wil break loose ,pakaipa itsoro yakatorongwa to fish unsuspecting criminals hiding to bring the old man down nd those anticepating for an eminent coup ……….pane nyaya ???

    • Ua lost totaly army yatora apa

    • Kutora chii brigadier ve presidential guard vasipo hapana zviripo itsoro chete iri kutambwa dnt say totally bcoz it sounds meaningless ?

    • U a lost bra

    • Where????

    • Pane zvikuitika vagara vakatozvironga kuti vagowana kubata munangagwa since arikunzi akatiza coz dai kuti varikuda kubvisa president vamuburitsa kare mustate house bt no they are saying Mugabe n his family ar safe …for what? Why keeping him safe

    • Phlyis read btwn de lines hw du knw kt ar safe? Mugabe whreva paari bt hes powerless hs close pipol ar being rounded up n detained

    • Thats wat am saying kuti this is not a military coup ,its a deadly trap for those fan for a coup ,its like setting a thief to catch a thief whoever steps up to command the army to seize power in for it , pane nyaya pane vanhu vakatomakwa vakabuda chete pachena zvavharana ?

    • Haiwa ua wrongly interpreting de events

    • Anonyeba uyo

  • vanhu vasingaroteswe nhamo inowerekana yavasvikira semhepo ine dutu prophet isiah

  • Lumumba ane yese nezuro akati mugabe asara ne 48 hrs now akuti garwe radzoka tinzwe waye waiti idzvinyu hamulume

  • The army that I know is not Salvation Army

  • The crocodile karigonzombe( I love the sound of it)

  • That Chipanga boy has been taken?but Chipanga is a deep lacoste who was threatened to always support G40 .I never ever heard him insulting and he never ever spoke bad about war vets or ED ,he had always been under pressure from the Pretty Wife camp .Young Chipanga wil be released when the dust settles after rounding off the Tysons,Mop Head Zhuwawo and Motor Mouth Prof Msoro Bhangu and that fake Choppies Supermarket “shareholder” VP.

    • Hauna kuona ma interface rallies that’s why uchidaro

  • No news is good news here. The right thing for them to do was to call the cabinet to impeach Mugabe if his decision making was deemed poor they should have called him to step down through legal channels. What they are doing here is very criminal and selfish. There is only one problem here, a sign that Zimbabwe will remain poor: they are saying it’s not a coup, they are there to remove G40 and remain with their beloved RG Mugabe and Mnangagwa. The idea of saying Mugabe is right and Zanu Pf is right only if Lacoste is allowed to succeed him clearly means there is no room for free n fair elections in Zim, no room for opposition. I’m disappointed with these guys.That means we will remain under dictatorship rule passed from Mugabe to Mnangagwa. We don’t want any of these criminals imposed on us. If they were sincere, how come they didn’t act when Cde Mujuru was sacked? They are just pursuing personal interests so they continue looting n looting.

  • Youth muripi

  • 48hrs Lumumba

  • Maiti TB Joshua anonyepa, saka nhasi motii? When Chiwengwa says yes mugabe cannot say No

  • Resurfacing of lacoste

  • Ngwena rasvika pakatoipa

  • Mxxxxxxxm corrupt Zanu donkeys shld detained we are tired of their kak ,,, That bitchie Grace shld shut up b4 she goes to prison

  • shuwa hiring and firing kunge wakarwa hondo yacho wega sei.iwe mwana wa Bona

  • Truly God’s time is the best

  • Newewo you should be arrested iwe

  • hameno ikoko