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Lance Guma LIVE: Chiwenga threatens coup?

The Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Constantine Chiwenga set the cat amongst the pigeons when he warned that Zanu PF had been infiltrated by counter-revolutionaries and the army would not hesitate to intervene if the purge of of liberation war comrades did not stop. Journalist Lance Guma invites ordinary Zimbabweans to have their say in this Facebook LIVE broadcast.

  • Tukomana netusikana twange tuchitamba Ndochiii yaT P Nyekese tuchiti “ndochi ndochi”Tave muvharanda manje macho imomo

  • At least we know one important fact as a nation after this stupid speech. Mugabe is not the only problem that our country is facing at the moment. There is whole system of entitled former fighters and a host of civilian hangers on who will do anything to get a place on the gravy train. Someone needs to remind Chiwenga that Zimbabwe is not China

  • Empty vassels make more noise.

  • Chiwenga must shut his mouth coz he is one of them leave Dr Mai do his job to clean up…….!!!

  • Vari kutononoka

  • ko Chiwenga haana kudzingwa?

  • Torai chigaro mauto nguva ichakanaka makaro anyanya mubato, then mozoronga zuva rekuvhota taneta nekurohwa panguva yema votes toda free nd f

  • Zanu PF games

  • Ichingotoooooooonga Mugabelism ichingotooooonga

  • They are part of the problem in Zimbabwe, King maker’s, so the commander has spoken, but who cares about what goes on in internal ZANU PF politics, they should protect the citizens rights to vote,speak come now and 2018!

  • Be careful, we are very much concerned with brutalising of our neighbors in Zimbabwe there. Us in Zambia we kick out useless political parties like ZANU pf. If you not rising from your political slumber and continue to have that fidelity. You will remain eating “mataka”. Remember God is getting mirror everyday

    • Zambia is heading in the same direction as Zimbabwe unless something happens soon.

    • Jean, not here my sister. Even the president knows. 2021 we are changing the system. You know the political parties punches symbols are useless kkkkk LOL

    • Are you sure Lungu is not taking you down that road Mugabe way

    • THAT ONE WILL BE IMPEACHED SOON. His days are numbered unlike uncle Bob who is governing from the wheel chair my bro kkkk LOL

  • i think R.G.M and Dr G must also suck the generals thy the biggst coz of zim sufferings thy wr the ones shouting we wont salute vasinakurwa hondo ska in ndinoti thy must also join E.D in the outgoin train so tt we liv in piece nt in fear

  • Achapedzerwa hake naGrace, he must take off his military uniform and join the political arena….
    Why did he not do the same when Joice was fired, her being wife of a former army general

  • His contract is expiring very soon and Mugabe obviously has someone ready to appoint. A coup is not possible becoz the army itself has loyal eyes and ears of Mugabe. Chiwenga might lie to himself that he’s got full control of the army to his own peril.

  • Mugabe is evrything then chiwenga is nothing than a toothless bulldog

  • Zvinomboda kuswerotinyawudza here,chiwenga is a coward,wy doesnt he act akanyarara,hazvitomboda kumbotyikidzira izvi,igwara futi naiyeo manje mdhara haatyiswe mangwana chaiye anongodonhedzwa otevera compatriot yake

  • Mudhara Chiwengwa batai munhu

  • Aaaa coup ipi apa

  • Nonsense

  • History will tell you Coups are successfully carried by low ranked soldiers like Colonnels,I understand Chiwenga’s Contract expires end December if so who would take orders from an outgoing General,,, Chiwenga is the Commander General and His Excellence RG Mugabe Commander in Chief so who is fooling who here????? According to the Code & Ethics of the Army & the Supreme law of the Republic of Zimbabwe the Army should not be partisan why is he involved in Politics now that Mnangagwa is expelled????? Why he didn’t say that when a fellow Cadre in Joice Mujuru got the boot.It is evident Chiwenga is into Politics n factional battles.President Mugabe is the sitting President supporting him is not factional hence the First lady supports him.Chiwenga’s presser shld be treated as treasonous n drastic action shld be taken by his excellence

    • That’s nonsense. All what you are saying it’s useless. All what we need it’s someone with action to removed Mugabe from power. It doesn’t matter Chiwenga its a politician or not, he is right. Let him enter into politics because Mugabe doesn’t respect Zimbabweans. All Mugabe’s doing its a wrong doings, he always out of the law.

  • he is young to not be in 1963 league

  • He trying to avoid mugabe dynasty all