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Lance Guma LIVE: Does God hate Zimbabwe?

With Zimbabwe a deeply religious nation, journalist Lance Guma asks the question, why are our prayers for a better country with less suffering never answered? Special guests on the show include Bishop Dave Chikosi based in the United States, Christian broadcaster and author Brilliant Pongo and Peter Makotose who are both in the United Kingdom. The show via Facebook LIVE also took contributions from Zimbabweans across the globe.

  • Dambuziko renyu mese hamuna hukama naMwari, musiki wedenga nepasi. Hamuna kusiyana numpanda wezvigure.
    You are simply implying that God does not exist which makes you fools according to the very scriptures.

  • God hates sin, He does not hate people. True repentance and seeking God’s face wholeheartedly will do us good. Being religious is different from being God fearing. Pastor John Mulinde of Uganda answered this question well on Youtube. Watch his video entitled “The Ugandan Pastor Who Could Not Enter Heaven.”

  • The time is now don’t worry you will enjoy gud things next year ndabva kuno vhota ,keep on praying

  • inguva chete isati yakwana asi kumagandanga kuno hatiione nhamo

  • People!! God doesn’t exist.If he did we would see,touch and hear him.Just last month over 20 worshippers were shot and killed in church in the US right in the middle of praying

  • Religious beliefs is another that contributed to be at this low level we are in. The best place to be is Zimbabwe a God homeland not in the grave where everyone thinks that there is heaven…


  • God hates zimbabwe its tru. Y ? Because churches have been turned to satan’s deans. Name it, all apostols,pentacosts, prostants,all in zim are evil.Like when mugabe needs votes he buy churches, Not even one leader told mugabe that ,his wife is someones wife. But John the baptist told Herod. All churches johane marange, johane masowe, Paul mwazha, jekenishen, and the new magaya,makandiwa churches are under satan

  • Yes 4*4=44, is true God Zim yes for how long we should suffer. 37 years of suffering only a few is enjoying. Ok he is God of favour then. From profets he make them rich only him profet is enjoying while the rest being promise of internal life. If he doesnt hate Zimbabwe he better show us now.


    • You forgot to mention following false prophets like the one i see on your pro pic , with such kind of people in zimbabwe it will evrt suffer and using false christs annointed (water ,oil bangles etc)

    • All that You have mentioned is caused by suffering. All what you have mentioned is even worse in countries like south Africa but the people are not suffering. We all know the root cause of poverty in Zimbabwe. It has nothing to do with God. Its the miss governance , corruption, nepotism etc. The poverty has even caused the sprouting of so many churches and fake prophets. All these things are happening in the name of survival.

    • One will continue to suffer.In the same country you are saying people are suffering some are prospering through the people you think are false prophets.The one on my profile picture is the one who helped me to be where I am today.I was also a non believer like you people because I grew up where we were told that it took time to get an answer from God.A lot of people died in poverty complaining for no reason.The man on my profile picture is hardworking and is business minded He does not rely on gifts but he gives.Watch and see in the coming months what this man is capable of doing for the people.He taught me that where others see a crises I have to see an opportunity and it is really working.Complaining will never bring food on your table.You better start to think of various channels of bringing money into your pocket.I have always told people that a prophet has no honour in his country and this was said by Jesus himself after being rejected in his own country by his on people.So who is the true prophet you can tell me.Your comments are daily making PWM more popular.May God bless you and see light

    • In any system, those benefitting support it and those not benefitting obviously will not be for it. Suffering in Zimbabwe is man made but am not saying one should just sit and fold hands. I do not want to single out individual prophets but personally I am not for. Nevertheless, that does not mean I don’t believe in God. Comparing Jesus and the contemporary prophets I don’t think its proper because Jesus was God himself who came down personally on earth to interact with His people. So the fact that He was rejected by his own people I don’t know where it comes from because we loved him. Even those who crucified him , today they call up to His name. In addition, Jesus never asked for anything from anyone to see Him. Unlike the prophets of today. All they talk of is prosperity, to see him, one must part with something. Churches long back used to look after the poor but today the poor is looking after the prophets. To sum up, to me these prophets are business people who found a better way of raising their capital by forming their churches taking advantage of the poverty which is man made. However don’t forget that individuals have the right to follow the religion of their choice. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.

  • Religion only does not give solutions,people who are ready to take necessary action are needed,being religious can be used against people to oppress them.


  • Churches turned big business

  • Minamato isina mabasa yakafa

  • After prayers, take action

  • Chii chinoshamisira kugara kuUnited Kingdom or US of A uchigara senhapwa.

    Who told those idiots that Zimbabwe is suffering. God love Zimbabwe Thats why we are a peaceful country.

    No killings like in USA.people are busy killing each other and yu came to Zimbabwe telling us shit.Go and pray for America.

    Yu need to remember Sodom and Gomorrah. They were very rich and prosperous but they destroyed by God himself.

    In Genesis Israel was a chosen tribe but they went to Egypt looking for food. God have nothing to do with economic hardship of any country.

    Takanzi tichadya cheziya not manner from heaven.vanhu vanotiza kushandira nyika yavo kuti vataure nonsense. Kuinda kunofumisa dzimwe nyika.Joseph went to Egypt and Egypt became blessed.

    • haa i doubt kana urikuziva zvaurikutaura vanhu vani varikufa muzim nekushaya medical assistant vangani vanoita chifiramberi varohwa nemapurisa vangani varikudya one meal paday muzim or vari kurarama ne less than us1 dollar per day saka kufa kwaunoda kunodarika ipapo ndekupi apa grace Mugabe ndopaano tenga gold ring ye 1 million us 15 billion yongoshaika do know kuti mari yese iyoyo taka share nyika yose munhu ega ega aiwana mari Tsano kana muri muri mumwe wevamwe vari kudya neropa revamwe nyatso dyai coz soon oe later zvikupera

    • Peace is not the absence of war.

    • Chii chamurikushandira muZim,,usadenhe vanhu vanenge vane nyaya dzavo wazvinzwa nxaaaaa

    • Since you seem to like using the bible to support yourself, I would point out that Jesus said that he came not to bring peace but conflict. Do you know where that verse is sir?

    • No killings in Zimbabwe,,,,une shuwa nemashoko ako iwe?Pengera kwawakaroiwa wazvinzwa unondidzosera baba vangu vamakauraya here mazivanhu eZanu,,musatanyoko wako

    • handina kana kutozopedza zvawanyora munyori ndago gumira pa line rechi 3 but ndatoona kuti uri dako kadhoti chaiko

    • msattanyoko

    • you talking rubbish, people are suffering in this country

    • Panas kana zvako zvichifaya nyarara, vamwe yu are few lucky guy zvirikufairai muZim. A boy once asked vamufundisi muchechi kuti, Why God Permit Suffering In the Human kind? The answer was we forgot that there no God wen everything going ok. But the reality is God plun this before that people must suffer and die to nomalize the population that life seculaition. That nuture boy.

    • Plus Zimbabwean are hard workers dont say shit blaz.

    • Typical of a Border Gezi graduate! Get off your high horse asshole!Zimbabwe is like this because because of alien citizens like you. What is there to praise on a country which doesn’t have it’s own currency?

    • Wellington people are being killed and tortured in Zumbabwe right now because by are of the opposition if you are not a victim but the perpetrator don’t think Zimbabwe is peaceful.

    • We call fear peace .. Do we eat peace

    • Sodoma ne Gomora kuita sei that’s some religious shit

    • Messe ma commenta munonditsamwisa amuwoni kuti mpfana uyu une point we should work for our country insted of cursing it we the zimbabwean killed zimbabwe

    • God bless yu all

    • Wellington Panas you’re a special kind of stupid, watii? Mapombi achibuda matuzvi woti kwanzi zvinhu zvakanaka? Iwe… futsek mhani.

    • Kkkkkk. Guys shut the fuck up.go and cry to your mama.

    • panas i think u are employed on a job u are not qualified right now. so u àre afraid of losiñg it if this regime chañges. the reality is that most of us are suffering

  • Silence is also an answer. Lack of a tangible answer does not mean that God is with his hands folded , no. It is in tabulent times that we learn how to obey the will of God. He is doing something for us though not visible. Be patient, the tangible answer from God is coming. Think of the crippled man who waited for 38 years.

  • I feel sorry to those who say God does not exist.You will be luck to have his Grace for no one can question him.Secondly if you don’t understand spiritual things just be quite.The kingdom of God is closed to those that do not believe.Remember Pharaoh’s cruelity to God’s people the Israelites, one would be forced to believe it was the devil making them suffer but the hand of God was involved. I would want to reiterate that there’s a thin dividing line when God is involved with your suffering or its the devil.Zimbabwe’s case might be one such example .

  • Iran and cuba people are successful in most harsh sanctions but why not Zimbabwea? Maybe the first face of liberation to get black majority rule was successful but was there a plan for second liberation which is economic? Because if there was an economic black empowerment not like that one of South Africa were few black empower themselves, the skilled Zimbabweans could have managed the economic reform agenda if it was genuine and planned from the day of independence unless leaders by then were excited with national Anthem and red carpet and forgot about the real issue bread and butter sad.

  • God loves Zimbabwe, but people in Zimbabwe have lost the way of praying to God. Until people get back to the bible and get to the basics of what God wants them to do, Lord God will have mercy. There is too much religious confusion in Zimbabwe, false prophets, hypocrites, religious abuse etc. Clean up and line your way of praying to what God had said in the old Holy Book. Never add and never subtract.

    • true

    • True

    • Man Zimbabweans are not the most sinful people in the world! Zim is ethically better thn many rich nations tht support ungodly practices sch as homosexual, abortion etc countries wer murder and violence are th odr f th day! The suffering of Zim does not have anything to do wth its inhabitants being sinful ts just a phase wch will soon be over evn the children of Israel went through a much worse situation yet God loved them! God loves Zimbabwe

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  • You can not use God and hater in the same sentence.

    In case you are living in mars, last week we had traditional churches gathered in Harare praying for Grace and declaring blessings to Mugabe. That same God who lend his ear to those who prayed to him will never leave nor forsake his faithfull. He heard the prayers of those Apostles and his will will be done. If you do not like what the churches prayed for, pray to your God, and have faith that your prayers will be answered. Do not give God tasks that you should do yourself.

    Ipapa hamuna kunyoresa kuvhota asi muri kuda kuti Mwari akushandurirei zvinhu

  • God is not happy with Zim becoz it is a country with a lot of false prophets who annoys him. It is more of Sodom and Gomorrha. He hears the prayers of the few and he is going to answer them. He is a God of mercy. All the false prophets who are into politics will be destroyed when God is coming to bless our country.

  • Let’s work with God’s tym. Remember Moses with the children of Israel took many years to be removed from their oppressors. Same applies to us, the creator z answering by phases sometimes bt if we don’t hv his wisdom we cannot able to c tht. Let’s keep on praying kut zvedu zviite n zvinoita chete.

  • We are a deeply religious nation & that explains why we are so docile. We need to woke up & smell the the coffee.

  • I don’t c God I Zimbabwe
    Maybe in Europe

  • Who

  • Bvunzai mapostori

  • Nothing you can do here forgert and relax


    Most Africans Zimbabweans in particular do not pray to God but a human being called Jesus, that is abominable before God. Secondly Zimbabwe does not have problems in comparison to other countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia.

  • Nope But he must be pissed off with all these fake prophets and lies under the principle of Christianity when all they do is use them politically and loot to the extreme

  • Wanga unepoint but yazoshaya basa nemukanwa munongoziva zvituko not surprised anyway waienda nepi Zim ina mai vanenge Grace.

  • God helps those who help themselves ..even in the Bible God helped action oriented people .Zimboz we not as intelligent as we always boast to.Zimbabweans are actually the dullest people in Africa if not the whole world .High literacy,educated,bla bla a**s!

    • If u r not intelligent the its u who is not! Speak for your self not for the whole nation

  • We expect a White Man from the sky to come and save us. We need practical solutions. You can’t wait for change to come you have to force it to happen.

  • Christianity is a Hoax stop going to church and see if anything can change

  • Zimbabwe needs deliverance because the dictatorial power possessor believes in demons he calls spirit mediums that are said to be the protection of the country and being the reason why they think the country’s future can only be successful with warvets’ political party,That’s why you never heard the president at anytime putting forth the country’s economical crisis at any global meetings but rather attacks and pride is what he does.He doesn’t care what challenges affect the country but would rather boost them to unacceptable maximum percentage that the globe can see with open eyes but can’t say anything because devil is much on this world.The world super powers would also rather attack the ones that are having stable economies leaving Zimbabwe to rot in famine because the dictatorial power possessor in Zimbabwe is not a true Christian and has Hippocrates’ support that the wife also seems to attend nowadays following the deliberate expulsion of the vice president to try and pave her way to that post.God answered Zimbabwe before it wasn’t called by that name or the other.The country needs deliverance at it’s level cost.

  • There is no God you delusional idiots. God was created by white people to colonize Africa and enslave its people. The destiny and fate of Zimbabwe is only in the hands of Zimbabwe themselves. There is no sky daddy who is gonna help them.

  • God loves Zimbabwe

  • God receives our prayers, but people in positions of authority should refrain from all anti economic growth antics, so that the hand of God can bless our endeavours. Zimbabwe is one country where people in Government and private sectors bypass the ethical way of doing business with careless abundance

  • Read Joshua 9 from verse 8 and 2 Samuel whole chapter 21, in short I will try to help our people by saying in the scriptures stated, we find ourselves as a nation breaking a convent of peace we made with each other as well as white people whom we said we will live together as one, then we started killing each other in 80s then come 90s we killed whites forcefully took their farms then God in his goodness slapped us with a curse that only us as Zimbabweans could lift, that only us as Zimbabweans black white coloured Indian Chinese can lift if we truly reconcile set a national Day of prayer and reconciliation as a nation and if possible compensate the victims of the evil we did as a nation. Remember in this each and everyone of us has to play a part to confess the sins of the nation and of those who have left in death. Amen.

  • Read Joshua 9 from verse 8 and 2 Samuel whole chapter 21, in short I will try to help our people by saying in the scriptures stated, we find ourselves as a nation breaking a convent of peace we made with each other as well as white people whom we said we will live together as one, then we started killing each other in 80s then come 90s we killed whites forcefully took their farms then God in his goodness slapped us with a curse that only us as Zimbabweans could lift, that only us as Zimbabweans black white coloured Indian Chinese can lift if we truly reconcile set a national Day of prayer and reconciliation as a nation and if possible compensate the victims of the evil we did as a nation. Remember in this each and everyone of us has to play a part to confess the sins of the nation and of those who have left in death. Amen.

  • Nguva yaMwari ichasvika.our Father is taking gud care of us we are ok and surviving.

  • If you think u r suffering mazimbo look at the situation in Syria and yemen then u wl thank
    God for the little house and food u have

  • Absolutey not. God does not hate Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans that support the brutal and dictatorial rule of Robert and Grace Mugabe are the ones that hate Zimbabwe.

  • God s time is the best time look how long it took children of Isael

  • the most blessed country in the world is Zim ppl jst dnt kno tht-watch ths space,many foreigners will flock to our peaciful country one day

  • The Lord God is looking for REPENTANCE. ! Restoration always starts with repentance. True repentance. And the heart for repentance should start in the church….where is the church

  • Yes I agree wth u wilgrandson but we cannot keep quiet about our probs simply because other countries have relatively bigger …a problem is a problem and we need to deal with it ..then pa issue yekuti does God hate Zim ..I don’t think he does fact I knoe he doesn’t hate us ..everything he does is for a reason maybe this is just a blessing in disguise to what we could have faced..# facts

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