Lumumba says Mnangagwa has 48 more hours

An analysis of the current political situation in Zimbabwe by Former Zanu PF member Acie Lumumba

  • Very irritating you look like a clown yesterday talking on behalf of mnangagwa today on behalf of MDC nxa

  • I think this Lumumba guy is getting undue credit for what amounts to comedy.

  • Acie Lumumba hezvoko

  • Ko inga ndakati jokes?

  • Fox

    This fool is telling Tsvangirai to pass the baton to Chamisa. Why Chamisa? Let people choose for themselves. There are a lot of other capable cadres out there who are more capable and more senior than Chamisa. The fact that they are/were silent doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  • Hameno ikoko

  • Haiwawo.another zanu pf reject!

  • Lumumba a stupid bwidi

  • tee cee

    the reflective vest where for voter education thy were doing it was even written bvr registration education,yu are not objective yu think yu know everythng about zim politics tht yo problem