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We are suffering, why should we register to vote? – Zim Woman (VIDEO)

We are suffering, why should we register to vote? – Zim Woman (VIDEO)

  • Dnt vote until Mugabe pass away

  • They need to express their dissatisfaction in the ballot box.. please register and vote.. zvakaoma kudaro

  • ndaseka

  • If there is one thing that gets me riled up, it’s hearing people saying that their votes don’t matter. There is nothing like that. Good schools, progress, democracy, end of mass incarceration etc are all in the ballot box. Most of us have lost confidence in participating in any elections due to all previous outcomes, but honestly that won’t help us. Let’s keep on trying. Nothing lasts forever. Look at the history of Germany, you will learn a lot!

  • Ku voter kupedza nguva mu zim mugabe anotowina b4 ma votes acho Africa is rotten

  • Not even a clap of hands after this valid point…

  • it’s a point. no need to vote the outcome is already known whether you vote or not. we are really suffering

  • That’s the problem with zimbos they are so contented with the rule of zanu pf a lot of people are saying they don’t vote because zanu pf has already won the election before they even exercise their constitutional right. Zanu pf supporters are in full swing registering at all costs and yes they will make it happen for their party. Don’t speak about zanu rigging when you are not registering.
    If we register in our numbers it will be difficult for them to steal our vote…. #go and register to vote# stop complaining like kids…

    • Even if the whole of Africa registers to vote ZANU will win overwhelmingly….we r not fools we r tired of these rascals

    • What evidence do you have that what you are saying is the truth..
      Give us yo facts and points which might make us think that zanu pf is going to win the election…. Your facts must be supported by a base clear information you gathered up which can make it clear to us that it’s definite zanu is winning….
      Stop feed people with baseless assumptions here ##just go and register

    • You never remove Mugabe by vote. The opposition must be able to rig elections if they want to win. The only way to remove virus from your computer is to use antivirus. For you to make antivirus, you must be able to create virus first. So, long the opposition won’t send it’s pple abroad to learn on how to rig elections. They must forget about dreaming of winning already rigged elections, that’s hallucinating…

    • You think so @ Brain Matsilele ??
      The truth of the matter is zanu pf can be defeated if people implement strategies and the 1st strategy is us as a people say wat we want in the ballot stop intimidating people saying zanu pf is invincible

    • Wonderful comment

    • A crazy blame game… Let me whisper this to you guys “Never dare think that Zanu pf will give up power through a ballot, he once told the nation that it’s the Bullet not ballot that has landed him power.”….and we are beginning to hear army generals bragging and some of us think they are joking… 👉you people stop dreaming!

    • Ko vakati re run futi todii

    • Tafara unoziyeyi nyarara siya vanhu vanemareasons avo zanu pf yakahwina kare musazvinetsa kuvoter its a waste of time ichabva kana yoda endai munotengesa ndokwamungatowana profit zvekuvoter unless uchivhotera pachibhakera

    • My Brother Tafara be realistic kikkkkkkk don’t waste our time. Deep deep down your heart you know it, the ruling party will win this is unquestionable. You are saying it for the sake of time pushing kuti zuva ripere. Zanu Pf is still there will tell you when the time is up in the near future.

    • Cdes i am not being biased here, let’s stop working on assumption zanu pf is not going to win the elections if real generals who want change to happen will register to vote, those who are saying the election already has been stolen can you pliz give us facts which are touchable not to just say your views in a manner which discourages people

    • Stop fooling people here masupporters ezanu pf ndrikukuonai zvangu kuti you are projects of zanu pf

    • Tafara Lawrence Tirivanhu ndiwe wega munhu ane njere . let’s vote first pple are even lazy to put their x on the ballot it does not need u burn a lot of calories

  • The only thing worse than a Zanu pf supporter is a person who says I do not want to vote. Saka urikuda kuitasei?

    • 😂 😂 😂

    • Noel BossmanSarudzai Chigome

    • It’s a pity kuti some people can’t see beyond zanu…e.g nezuro rimwe zibenzi raitoti tikuda vp kuti vatore nzvimbo but what he doesn’t realise is that zanu has the same ideology whether its the old guy or a lady or any comrade

    • They dont support bt they are tired only so they say they are not voting for any1

    • Spot on ere my brother Itai Chatindo

  • nhai………….

  • Results take long to be announced nxxa

  • Kana munhu achirambira pachigaro isu torambirawo musango hatiuyiko. Ndakavhota 2008 zvakatokwana. Ma results haabudi zvekumhanya saka ini handivhoti zvekumhanya

  • the word democracy does not exist in Zimbabwe…. voting s a sheer waste of time n resources the ruling Zanu has won well before the election date has been announced

  • So you can eradicate the suffering by electing an effective government

  • Such talk yoh???

  • The main reason why people vote in any nation is because they are not happy with how things are run, therefore voting brings forth change.
    There are two or more parties contesting,
    If you don’t vote, your rights, desires and interests will never be attained, but remains an illusion and a dead dream. And that my friend will never stop the opposition from gaining count.
    So not voting take yourself as a goalkeeper watching an opponent player setting up a penalt kick but you choose to walk away from the goal post. That will never stop the opponent from kicking the ball to a goal which is going to be recorded.
    We vote or we deliberately let them win by not exercising our rights

  • Weduwe? Its like saying i cant cook coz i am hungry😦

  • You never remove Mugabe by vote. The opposition must be able to rig elections if they want to win. The only way to remove virus from your computer is to use antivirus. For you to make antivirus, you must be able to create virus first. So, long the opposition won’t send it’s pple abroad to learn on how to rig elections. They must forget about dreaming of winning already rigged elections, that’s hallucinating…

  • Its a shame pple dont believe in the power of their right to vote.Lets overcome our fears and doubts so that we change the destiny of our future if not to honour those who died for us to be able to cast the vote#

    • True indeed

    • Hapana fear shaaa hunge takambozviedza zvikaramba saka zvobatsirei inga vanhu vanongotinhwa kuenda kumisangano vasingade wani vamwe vairohwa vamwe kufa chaiko vamwe vanemaoko zvigwishu asi chakachinja chii hapana saka zvakafanana nekungorega

    • Takavhota tikahwina zviripachena and wat happened after igaroziva saka zvotibatsireiko kana vachiti vahwina vasina

    • lets just try for the last time

  • In democracy its not the one with the most surporters that wins.The one with the most surporters who vote on voting days wins.There is no doubt most Zimbabweans want ZANU out but that dosent matter as long as pple dont vote.All ZANU surporters vote even those on stage 4 cancer are carried in wheelbarrows.Thats what matters in elections not who has the most surporters.Zimbabwe is not alone in this.In USA they are more democrats than republicans but republicans have white house,senate,lower house and 31 governors out of 50 states.The reason is simple despite the fact they are a minority they vote in numbers.Has anyone ever met a ZANU member who has never voted even in a by election .Now ask yourself how many people have you met who hate ZANU but dont vote.

  • This fool is giving zanu pf chances of rigging

  • A good question indeed, why do we have to vote if voting keeps adding more suffering to us? Voting has proved to have a negative result in Zimbabwe, it’s high time for politicians to find plan B that would put Zimbabwe back on track.

    • But we voted 2008 and thinhs changed my friend.our shops had nothing us zimbabweans we had nothing but the election tht i believe we voted in numbers changed things wani.

    • The GNU is not what we had voted for my friend, and it wasn’t the change we had wanted it was just a temporary reprieve. The change you saw in 2008 was mainly aided by other countries and is not worth mentioning.

  • Guys people are suffering but God will take these bustards down head-on make my words.this is so touching.

  • That’s the mentality with most urban dwellers, they don’t vote and still expect the opposition to win. An election is won by votes, Zanu supporters especially in rural areas they vote in thier numbers, lets do the same in Hre, Byo, Mutare etc and u will see the results lioking good. #registertovote

  • Don’t worry Mugabe will vote for you

  • so continue to suffer kusvika muguva

  • She is right ballot box wont work in Zimbabwe.

  • That’s the biggest reason why we should vote out this morons 😎#suffering

  • Ngati mire Mugabe afe tonovhota otherwise kutamba nenguwa .munono vhota nemunhu asisiripamutemo wekushanda u think u will win.vanhu vanenguwa yekutambisa endai kunovhota .musatinyaudza ma opposition leaders yevakatanga haidi vanopeta maoko .Mugabe haendi ne ballot box.

  • Isa cup pasi donkey harikamwi.after election results muchangonzwa takabirirwa so wat? problem ndeye kuti tinotarisa election day chete including ma opposition parties.zvinobuda after is not important according to zanu and other opposition parties.tawinner tabirirwa .ngava mboita Vega tione.marights amwe hashandi panabob.

  • Your vote counts against those thieves ….go n register only simple

  • Ndewe zanupf

  • Thieves they don’t count anything 😂😂.remember they are the ones who are running everything

  • Wasting time to vote coz that old dog wll always do his rigging let him die first

  • Suffering when people are consuming 15000kg kugochigochi.

    • That’s was just a small part of the population, even I wasn’t there because I couldn’t afford

  • People …. go out and register and wait to vote in peace. Do not be hoodwinked to kill those with different views from yours by some politicians. The majority of politicians are thugs send by the devil to destroy our beloved only country Zimbabwe.

  • People always vote peaceful in Zimbabwe.

  • Whether you vote or not President Mugabe is going to win. Lets go and vote for the ruling party in large numbers.

  • You must vote because you are suffering

  • you should vote to change the system it may fail but lets register and at least try

  • Wasting nguva yekushandira mhuri uchino votera ma results aka gadzirwa kare

  • The electoral comission is composed of zanu loyalists then what do you expect

  • Please guys …jus go home and vote in large numbers..change is in your hands

  • To stop suffering

  • Endai munoregister kuvhota nekukurumidza zvenyuuuuu. How can you solve problems nekungotaura musingaende kunoregister in numbers

  • People are now aware that if voting made a difference they would never let us do it and anyways the people who cast the votes decide nothing the people who count the votes decide everything.So it’s a waste of time and money to go and so.People are not as powerful as they think the real power lies with those who back those in power and it’s definitely not the voters

  • We should register to vote because God might surprise you, you never know

  • We should register to vote because God might surprise you, you never know

  • to help your children not to suffer in the same way you have .

  • Mabodza, whose last time? Yours?

  • Discus beta issues ma Zimbo.

  • Rain season coming, are we prepared, tilling,seeds-

  • Mad woman, those are the reasons why you should register to vote!!

  • vatumwa kudiscourage vanhu neZanu zvino this time taramba kunyeberwa nezvatinoziva

  • REGISTER to vote yourself out of this SUFFERING Do not allow a situation where you RIG your own freedom by NOT voting. Fight the rigging machine by registering in millions and voting in millions. Be part of change by taking RESPONSIBILITY

  • this does not make any sence you are suffering so you can not vote..why??? you must go and vote so that you can not suffer again