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Jonathan Moyo is a known thief – Chris Mutsvangwa (VIDEO)

Jonathan Moyo is a known thief – Chris Mutsvangwa (VIDEO)

  • Shame!… And the other 4 fingers are pointing right back at him.

  • Kana madzingwa kuZANU motanga kungo vukura

  • Chris..Jonathan is not the only one who take illegally, or without the owner’s permission, they have taken everything owned by the general population of Zimbabwe

  • yes he is from Wits fraud, Ford in Kenya, Zimdef funds, yes he is, all people in ZANU are looters including, Mpofu, Katsutsukuviri, ZANU pf what a party, fully infested with thieves and murderers

  • Very very very very True…PROF Msoro Bhangu is a motor mouth,serial gossiper,confused political flip flopper and a big thief…What happened to the Ford Foundation funds under his care ??He syphoned the funds and ran away to join ZANU full time politics knowing that once in government he has full protection from prosecution.,..If I were Prof Bhangu,I would steal more from ZANU to repay those outside universities i stole from..You never know when winds of political change start blowing the other direction ,Prof Bhangu might find himself without any political job in Zim and no source of income and no education institution or political party willing to employ him,anyway,who in their right minds would want to work with a political flip flopper and known sell out like Bhangu??So outside universities would be the better option to get a job for Bhangu as a lecturer or something.Pay back the money Bhangu.Its COLD OUT THERE Mr Bhangu.

  • ZANU (PF) Poor Finishing

  • says Mr mutsvanga on defeated sidelines

  • Mutsvangwa is a dead donkey selling another stinking dead donkey. He should just go away and do some farming from his stolen farms

  • Who declared a life president in 2008??? It was you guys.Why should we belive you now after putting us in a mess? The truth is that you have no national agenda in your dealings save for personal greedy for self enrichment.Your love for the opposition is not genuine but a question of sour grapes or revenge to Zanu pf.Fight your own war without pretending to love those whom you murdered in 2008.

  • I salute you mr Mutswangwa big up….

  • Wakuzvitaura nhasi pamaidya mese wainge wakanyarara.ndino tenda mapurisa akakudira mvura inovava 2015.waka mhanya kusiya vamwe vose.mese muno penga.muti kwanire isu.mazimbo.

  • so sue him

  • I would listen to what this guys is talking about had he left zanu pf on his own and not expelled, these are sour grapes, he is part of those who have destroyed Zimbabwe,

  • Rubbish, when did you start to realise that??? After you got fired??? How many other thieves are you hubbering on your list?? Where is 15 billion? You seem to have some information on thieving!!

  • They will end up killing each other these two they don’t behave like grown ups

  • Mazozviona nhasi comrade

  • True

  • Too late divorcee

  • U fought fo freedom but after u fought yo own wars nhasi makurwadziwa nei isu veruzhinji tinorwadziwa kangani ibvaiko makatadza kuzadzisa zvamakaendera kuhondo hamunyari here

  • Very true silvester

  • Mr Mutsvanga must be a fake lawyer. How does a law practitioner label an accused person as if he is convicted? Moyo is innocent until proved otherwise before the courts.

    Arrogant, nauseating and patronising man who will do Whore Vets more harm than good.

  • Mutsvangwa is brave
    Create a Facebook page mudhara

  • haiwawo

  • Chrisy u have nothing to tell us, u are part and parcel of the regime.

  • vakangofanana

  • who is not

  • As a responsible citizen and again a legislator,go and report a thief to the police right away.

  • Imbavha inechikoro is that what u mean

  • Mxxxxxxxm mbavha dzezanu everyone who’s working chikwambo mugabe

  • Mutsvangwa uyu mutsvangwa uyu. Vanhu veeese are nobodies. Yes fine. Ko chimbotiudzawo ZVAKO NHAI FORMER KUTAMA BOY AMBASSADOR MINISTER AND COMMANDERIN THIEF

  • We know chris hmmm ko iwe wakaba takanyarara hedu. Usadaro. Zuŕo ndizuro nhasi haneno