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Pagungwa pamuzinda weChihure paHarare – Dr Clarence (VIDEO)

Pagungwa pamuzinda weChihure paHarare – Dr Clarence (VIDEO)

  • Blessed Ndiweni

    Boy you cant jst be going in bars and filming pipo that’s disrespectful. moreover on your silly clip nothing shows to confirm your claim. are u even a journalist? one thing for certain u not a dr of anything. this z sick~!

  • Where is it situated?

  • Warikupanei Gungwa,I know of my uncle who attempted suicide after spending the whole ” Chema collection” in Gungwa.He was trusted to handle Funeral Collection but later in evening descided to have one lager in Gungwa ,as u know ,Doro rinonaka ,he drank one after the other until he met the night ladies ,likewise he descided to quinch his sexual appetite again,achiti ndozviCover the following morning.To cut the story short the following morning he woke up with $1.50 after having blown all $412 which was meant for was drama I tell u

  • Yooooo

  • Hatiuyiko tinoenda kunonzi kwa madam boss ku down ⬇ stair

  • Brutal Truth

    I don’t see anything amiss here.This looks like a bar like any other,,hapana kana nyaya apa