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Zimbabwe’s aspiring 2018 Presidential Candidate insults women – VIDEO

Zimbabwe’s aspiring 2018 Presidential Candidate from Kambizi Party insults women – VIDEO

  • Was he not born??

  • Pamhata pake,Kane chirwere futi

  • Want to split votes only

  • Kkkkkkkkk zvitamba vana, kindergarten

  • Ummmm

  • Anovhoterwa nani vakadzi vari ivo vakawanda

  • If your mom abused you my brother not all of us were raised in the way you explained.We love both parents to raise their kids together not NGOs if you did not get parental from love from your mom not everyone my brother. Some were even raised by singled parented mother but not treated the way you were but with agape love.How can a 9 year girl child be separated from her mom if alive in this error of children being raped every hour??Out of politic you are a disaster to the communities VaMutasa.