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Chaos in Zim parliament after MP calls new Justice Minister CIO Boss – VIDEO

Prince Sibanda caused chaos in the Zimbabwean parliament after addressing the new Minister of Justice Happyton Bonyongwe as the CIO Director

  • That is what he knew

  • Did he retire?cause we only head abt his appointment

  • Prince Sibanda

  • Why apoint a dreaded hangman to that post?

  • Mahumbwe

  • apparantly dd he resign as cio boss o wht?was their any appointment of a new boss?

    • By virtue of his appointment his deputy Nhepera is nw e intel boss so resignation wld jst be a formaloty

    • yes let him du so first,’nhepera wl nt automatically be the boss bt wl be acting

  • Prince Sibanda ndi MP wekupi zviya???

  • Umu munodiwa Bennet anorova

  • He is right coz that’s what we know so far!

  • Prince Sibanda Binga North MP

  • Is correct

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  • change is difficult

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  • Brave man, Prince Sibanda!