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WATCH: Zim corrupt Traffic Police at it again

WATCH: Zim corrupt Traffic Police at it again

  • 90% havagone chirungu.

  • zvimwe tinongozviitawo mapenzi tega , cnt he realise kt hez being ignored

    • @ list he’s exposing this thuggery being executed by our so called “police”

    • Honestly how itz nt da police who deem spot fine illigal,itzz beyond da police,da court ruled agnst it bt therz a third force

  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ndiye atoo bharanzi nechi camera kutaura nechimumumu

    • Respect a fool to avoid noise

    • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • How can corruption as a crime be investigated here? I can’t see the facts constituting it

    • Then if anybody wishes not to pay the fine , s/he will just on his/her camera and start provoking the police while recording so that he will let you go. Kwanai vanhu imi kkkkkk

    • Zvakaoma

  • I day i will kick their ass,

  • You would wonder if he even passed english in class such a pathetic loser smh!

    • Victor …english pa F.B here..its not necessary ..half of posting is bad or other type of english..dont worry about quality of english😂

    • Yaaa English yaramba kubuda. Haina kutaurwa pafacebook, yakataurwa muroad maiva nemupurisa aishanda nemota dzaifamba kkkkkk

    • Clearly shows how the education level in this country has gone to the dogs shame.Pity the old man Bob speaks better if not way betterEnglish than that stupid cop!

    • Wats english …english language is not th measure of intelligence dummy…its just a language…most french or Germanic pple can’t speak english yet they ar neighbours of of England….

    • Look in the mirror& see a disgusting dummy I didn’t ask for your silly opinion [email protected] manondo or whatever you call yourself!

    • stupid english. inebasa rei

    • I’m done responding to dumb questions thanks very much.

  • Kkkkkkkkkkk English haibude sure

    • English yei Big..Zw is not like portugues collonised…people only speak that in Zw we learn english at school ..its a 2nd language.we use our mother language…y are you worried about quality of english paface book😉seka munhu anokanya any Zm Language

    • Kkkk haibudi English apa

    • Haibude zvachose

  • Where is the corruption apa.

    • He is a stupid being who is fault finding and doesn’t even know the definition of corruption

    • Taura hako. Attn seeker. The cop was extra cool. Why harass him like that

    • Manje vamwe mapurisa dai vakatomusunga ne disturbing a peace officer

    • Why is he refusing to issue him form 265 to pay the fine later? You are morons- is abuse by Zanu pf police a norm now???

    • Moron ?

    • Lamson and Tawedzerwa Macheza as a legal person I am here challenging you with evidence that the police officer conduct was corrupt. I have 4 case laws one 2 from the the Constitutional Court one from SCA and the last one from High Court.
      police officers flouting the police code of conduct in order to secure convictions of suspects—.

      Court has declared that its corruption. Prove me wrong

    • Sir . What constitutes corruption

  • Donald Trump and Eminem may you kindly deal with this officer pliz

  • You people must learn to respect other people at their workplace. The economic situation might be tough on almost if not all of us but let’s not harass our officers who are doing their duty as per their instructions. If that poor Constable was not issued with the so-called form 265 book then what do you expect him to give you? He was just deployed with that single book he had. Don’t incite misbehavior among other motorists who might want to comply with what’s on the ground. It is us the citizens who demotivate our police officers, remember they don’t only enforce traffic laws. When you are victimized somewhere you will call or rush to the police for help and you will find them demotivated hence their underperformance and you lose

    • Ko kana uri mupurisa ungati kudii

    • Kukuonesai reality so that you wake up and know the negativity you are instilling mumapurisa

    • A police officer cannot and should not insist on a spot fine on the basis that he is not in possession of a ticket book. A ticket book is a necessary administrative tool for executing his duties. A police officer’s failure to carry relevant stationery cannot be used to curb and/or infringe people’s rights.”

    • I think you are missing his point. We should first visit the definition of corruption. The laws of this country state that if one has no money on him he should be issued with a form 265 which should be honored within 7 days. The highest court in the country has said on 2 occasions that spot fines are illegal. The police continue to enforce that which was deemed unlawful. Once a law enforcement agency fails to abide by the law its corrupt. Not only that, there is also unlawful detention!! The problem is that people think corruption is only done when there is exchange of money or favors.

    • How can you prove that the police officer insisted on a spot fine towards the cameraman

    • TJ Mwachande spot on bro

    • What spot on? Whose rights were infringed? The vehicle can even be impounded and you feel nice . Do you know his alleged offense?

    • Sorry Wegonah Chitova kkkkkl

  • Mapurisa pamberi ne basa vakomana huori ngauperi chete kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk mava kuzivikanwa chaizvo zvikuru boder Plumtree hey hey hey varume zvanyanyanyisa

  • Uende nechiCamera chako paZimra waaku declare zvinhu zvako nepakawindow kaya panoCalculetwa duty kumanica urambe wakakabata paunoparka mutown kana boyz reganjo rouya usarege kuzoenda nayo papassport office panopiwa tumacard twekubata line uchibvapo enda necamera iyoyo paparirenyatwa hosp kuside remaEmergencies kuya kunosvikira vema accidents kana kachiine moto go and interview mamoney changers kuti cash vari kuiwanepi.
    Ohh by the way, wakazodzoserwa licence rako (rawakatenga $250 ) wabhadhara marii or officer vachinaro?

  • The commander in cheif gave the order so dnt be amused til then he issues an order to stop u wnt hear such corruption

  • Corruption & hunger are just different situation altogether , zrp are hungry

  • Fanika highglen road haifambike nemapurisa pamarobots varipo bofore flyover varipo after varipo willovale road pamarobots varipo ,glennorah police varipo saka unofamba seiko wakasununguka isutichiti takasungurwa kubva kuvapambe ivhu

  • It’s his duty to go and tell wamutuma ku road asina form 265 kuti ave naro next time
    There is no cash and it’s surprising people drive with no cash in their pockets

  • ndovadinivo the whole system is fucked up. Moti ndovasinawo maziso ekuti tasaririra. Vanozviona zvinoitwa padenga.

  • If u a not yet corrupt muzimbabwe wakasara kkkkkkkk uchadyiwa mari ukapera kkkkkkkkkklll

  • where is the coruption the sender of this video alleges.i think the person who recorded this video was advised wrongly.enough respect to this police officer who was very composed and cool.

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  • I’m sure this guy was not aware of these two vital roadblock rules:
    1. If you are not on the highway and police neither has spikes nor chase car, never stop.
    2. If u have to stop, never ever hand over yo licence to these sons of bitches.
    Follow these two and im sure you will never be inconvenienced

  • Havadzidze ava mapurisa

  • A brave police officer who knows his duties. No criminal offence here,is keeping quiete corruption, musatipedzere nguva

  • Spot fine is not manditory therefor a 7 days Grace period is law acording to the constitution and this business of police taking drivers licence must be banned , some people are loosing their licences permanently to this unlawful behaviour. It’s all corruption squeezing money out of citizens , honestly if one has to pay bribes everyday the police become our direct employees , they are paid through ssb, not by motorist’s . Mugabe must go for a better Zimbabwe.