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WATCH: What the jailed rapist Gumbura did when he met his wives, children

JAILED former RMG Independent End Time Message leader, Richard Martin Gumbura could not hide his joy on reuniting with his entire family, though limited and within the prison walls, as part of the recently-introduced prison family visits, where they had the opportunity to discuss various issues together for two days in the absence of the prison officers’ prying eyes

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  • Maone chaiwo

  • Vamwe itai round ndikwire mumwe wenyu said the Gumbura

  • Mudhara uyu ah!

  • m sure he managed to get a quick fuck hey,lucky guy

  • ichi ndicho chinonzi chibaba 😎😂

  • The judge should be ashamed of himself. This guy spending all this time for no crime.

    • This guy was incarcerated on spurious rape allegations but day of judgement for those who conspired against him is drawing near .

    • hahahahahhaa, u are a judge tooo. Judge haana kusunga munhu or kureporter anything kucourt, akatonga nyaya yakauya with evidence or witnessing presented to him and found gumbura giult of rape

    • Rangarirai Chifambausiku Mapuranga how can u be found guilty of rape when u didn’t rape

    • Alphos Chuma how do you know he did not rape

    • There is no women who proved rape in anyway. But there was proof he had consented sex. Did he rape an elephant to get 40 years

    • This level of indoctrination is so appalling. You speak like you so certain he did not do it

    • so why is he is jail

    • Church yavo thrives on instilling fear in women then convince them that the only way out is to marry the pastor.

    • Mai Anesu Mai Chido that’s morally wrong but it’s not criminal my dear. Check your constitution. It’s like all these money paid to pastors, it’s beyond right but not criminal

    • Rangarirai Chifambausiku Mapuranga that’s my question, obviously some ignorant dude abused their authority. What he did was morally wrong but not criminal

    • Jere Tafadzwa Consalta from the information in the public domain, he did disgusting things but it doesn’t constitute a crime

    • Mmmmm alphos kkkkkk

    • Mmmmm alphos kkkkkk

    • Usatambe nezita ramwari unopika

    • Usatambe nezita ramwari unopika

  • True dat

  • Pamwe imhoswa muZimbabwe kuti mhunu weshoko ramwari aite barika

  • Richard Martin? ?? Isn’t he Robert Martin Gumbura

  • They must free tht guy his wives are suffering

  • Anomama chete

  • Vakadzi vese ava momuti araper I am beginning to doubt those allegations ini

    • Fact that after he had a wife he went on to look for another one, then another, then again, and again, and again, and again, and again and again, and again, and again, and another one, and again, and again and still going…….. THAT ALONE GOES AGAINST YOUR REASON THAT HE IS SATISFIED BECAUSE HE HAS PLENTY OF WIFES!!!!!!

    • The many wives is actually a testament he is a serial rapists

    • Ku raper haana hake

    • But haangamboita nzara yekubata chibharo musha wakazara mbutu 🤣

    • Rape is usually not about sex it’s about having power and control over someone.

    • hazvirevi kuti mbavha ndoisina mari umwe anotoba asi ane mazimari wotarisa chabiwa chacho wobva waziva kuti idimoni. kutoita vakadzi hombo rinotova dimoni

    • Claudine, plz elaborate, how is rape not usually abt sex? Can i be arrested for rape merely for having power over someone with no sex involved?

    • vakadzi makapusa ndazviona. even if a man has 100 wives h cn still GO OUT N RAPE

    • Kurapwa nagumbura kikikii kuda zvinhu zve mahara mukazvipuhwa moti marepwa

    • Kurapwa nagumbura kikikii kuda zvinhu zve mahara mukazvipuhwa moti marepwa

    • Fungai chimumirira abude

    • Fungai chimumirira abude

    • Aaaah wakomana musha wazara butu

  • Tozodii tokaona video yemunhu ane vakadzi 21 he must rot in jail fucken womaniser.

    • Yu r tokn crappie

    • In Zimbabwe it’s not a crime to have more than one wive infact it’s within traditional laws you judt jealous and there was politics used against him here

  • yooo zvaritori dzinza rese newives chete😲😲

  • Old news!

  • Mumwe ndi Robert Martin mumwe ndi Robert Gabriel …nhinhi

  • Aaaa hameno

  • Very ugly

    • aaah zvakuri kusekana kwana kamba mahobi zvamunenge muri mubook rimwe wani

  • Vakadzi 21 kumirira iyo mhuka inonzi Gumbura nxaa mapenzi anamai mashaya zvekuita here

  • The other one is in Sanyati with 37 wives is an End Time member as well…..but this one is worse bcz he only took virgins and those who are less than 16yrs of age.
    Because of money he has he changed the birth certificates.
    Haah those guys are dangerous .

    • Kkkkk uyu akatopenga saka


  • this man didnt rape anyone . i see evil women and other evil people.

  • Ummm

  • haana mhosva

  • Haana mhosva this guys

  • Whuuu xem kurikuda kunzi Mrs chakuti……..

  • Aaaa

  • that man is innocent akarongerwa