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So you are arresting me for waking up my kids? – Zim man in the UK (VIDEO)

So you are arresting me for waking up my kids? – Zim man in the UK (VIDEO)

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  • Hezvooo oww no

  • Kuchirungu uko hakusi kuChitungwiza.

  • Liz Muringani Chenge Mwanza William Muringani Diana Samkange Mangwenya Cecilliah Dingani Phiri

  • Mai Chi

    • Ooh nooo….. I hope he’s ok

  • Kkkk

  • Mazimba nyaya yekuda malive vid soon we gonna see some vachikwirana palive .zvakatanga na lady OC OLINDA now everyone joining this live vid rubbish this dude n his mrs have issues ..dont wash ur dirty laundry in public .

  • Brutal Truth

    this guy should stop taking ganja

    • Ruvare

      He is mentally ill and always abuses the wife.Plus on benefits.

  • Rose Smart

  • First 3 minutes I could tell that this guy is lying, an abuser and the police had come to the right culprit. At times its embarrassing to see what Zimbabweans do in foreign land.

  • Panenyaya

  • Uko zvasiyana now you face the reality my men.

  • Why are your kids watching Tv at 01:00 am He ended up being an ass by the way he was talking. Feel sorry for the kids.

    • Sure, that’s abuse he forces them to sit with him watching TV that late. The wife is afraid ti tell the truth. He abuses his family.

    • Sure, that’s abuse he forces them to sit with him watching TV that late. The wife is afraid ti tell the truth. He abuses his family.

  • Manyemwe chaiwo. Mapurisa weZim anorova ne mboma. They don’t have time for negotiations. If he was a responsible dad, why making his children to watch and participate in this drama

  • imboko mhani.. Why even recording that rubbish, his behaviour is disgusting. 1 am and that poor boy is awake watching tv?? 😯

  • CHILD-FREE & Affluent Zimbo

    saka why have kids in the first place…fuck those little ungrateful maggots……i m gonna spend my money on me and me alone…not this crap that was forced on u by a girl u fucked at night at the club

    • TheYellow🌻SunFlower🌻


  • Daddy mboko

  • Results of being a useless house nigga! Go out get a job like some of us!……My family watching from Australia! Who gives a shit!

  • Yinja le. Isdakwa esi abusive 😳😳

  • It’s easy to go to school and regurgitate back the info in an exam , however easy school may have been , some of u here are really showing ur stupidity. U can tell how an abuser looks like by ones behaviour of pulling a woolly over his face .. some even saying a house nigga , what gave that away , his beard , his big belly what . Smart people wait and see all the facts laid down . Did u see a woman in tease or bruised up . HOWEVER ,ADVICE TO MEN in the developed world . Some of our zim women have a way of letting u know she is thinking of ending a relationship or she cheating. One clear sign is phoning the police for silly arguments u once used to have and resolve without police before. Why now . Leave these women alone and let other niggas use her . She has kids . What idiot wants other niggas kids . U have the upper hand . Police don’t like u Africans . Protect urselves , crazy women out there

  • Mbanje dzega dzega

  • Panashe Papi Chikwengo

  • Pebbles

  • He seems to be looking for attention.; Probably phoned the cops himselfSpeech sounds like he has been drinking so hope he is employed and not claiming Benefits..Says family watching from Australia then when police asked him where his family are he says all over UK.Hmm Aussie not in UK..Certainly loves himself being video.

  • Muzezuru uyo

  • Mazezuru ndizvo zvaari, so irrelevant, irritating and shallow minded

  • ndokutamba nepoliceka uku.

  • Brown usadaro muface wangu ayigara muLuton Leon Dread asati agenda North

  • Mhosva hapana but anogona kuzobatwa nedzembanje chete is a nice guy

  • The wife called the police.The guy’s behaviour is uncalled for.He is trying to exercise rights to hide his offence.

  • When wife’s start calling Babylon

  • I think if you’re a refugee in other people’s country ,you must obey the rules and law’s of your host’s