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MDC Alliance must urgently do something about the Diaspora – Advocate Sibanda (VIDEO)

Advocate Sibanda explains that the MDC Alliance is well placed to win the 2018 elections and must strongly encourage their largest constituency in South Africa, Botswana and UK to travel to Zimbabwe and register to vote.

  • Day dreaming

  • Unotipa mari dzemabhazi here iwe?

  • Come and register

  • we’ve got nothing to loose so will come vote

  • Dream on

  • Please just come and register to vote, ngatingoitai chido ichocho chekuregister tigovhota nehuwandu hwedu tione kut zvinobudacei

  • tee cee

    aiwa kan usataure zvinhu zvatoziva kut hazvife zvakaita,pple who are in zim shld jus register and vote vasimo vashoma panevarimo munyika

  • Mxxxxxm voting for whooo coz we know they are vote riggers so why can we waste our time

  • Fair and free election is the only solution, without that, hapana chinobhuda even with Diaspora Vote..! Let’s not forget what happened in 2008 !