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Gonyeti’s birthday – Guest artists Lady Bee and KadJah (VIDEO)

Gonyeti’s special day which she has decided to spend with underprivileged children at Mufakose Children’s Home. Being born and bred in Mufakose, this initiative is close to her heart as she gets to give back to her community. With this, she hopes to inspire the young boys and girls at the orphanage to aim higher and always aspire to positively impact society

  • This is all crap we see daily from so called Zim celebrities,”giving back to community” nonsense just for publicity..Why i haven’t heard of any Zim celebrity actually adopting a baby or small child from a children’s home and raising that child as her own under a normal family environment at home???So we only wait for white people to show such adoption love and kindnes towards our own black orphans??What will that creamy,sugary,calorie filled cake help those kids with??