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Clueless Mugabe government has arrested Sten Zvorwadza again – Rufaro Kaseke

I’m gutted. The dimwit retrogressive, clueless Mugabe government has arrested Sten Zvorwadza again. The Informal sector has been putting out fires for the GOVT and yet they continue to rap the tenacious men and women who are trying to earn an honest living

  • kana vapedza kusunga mavendors vouya kumushika.shika…vauya ku whats app…regai tione

  • the povo gets bashed again…#getridofzanupf

  • Stan shuold support order not anarchy. Have you walked on Harare steets lately??? Haana nya Stan he is just singing for his supper so that these illegal traders can bribe him to prtect them. REAL business is being disadvantaged by non tax paaying vendors who are arrogant agressive and rude, The Mshikashika trade borders on criminality. Someone should put things in order. Ksukuwere is busy plotting against ED while harae is rotting.

  • ngwena

    operation muramba tsvina back in different stile