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Chombo has neither the brains nor the guts – VIDEO

War veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa tears into the new Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo.

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  • Mr.Mutsvangwa might be telling the truth

  • Chombo is nothing but a thief.

    • Cant parliament block appointment of Chombo as Finance Minister??like they did when they blocked Mike Ndudzo Auditor General appointment ??Only if Chimbo allows basic commodity imports and bans Bond notes,then i will respect him.

  • Vanozivana

  • You need everybody to be successful and provide for all.

  • yes he is right this guy is really a thief

  • That’s exactly what we want to see ZANU PF falling apart and in downfall like an avalanche. A better Zimbabwe is only guaranteed without ZANU PF and its elements. War veterans go hang yourselves, Lacoste and it’s coward lizard masquerading as a crocodile go fuck yourselves, G40 or G-string whatever the name is, go fuck yourselves. Zimbabwe needs better politicians who have focus on the future of the country not chimurenga history.

  • Chombo chehondo kkkkkkk haaaa this guy can trade them barbs barbs wldnt want to be in his firing line

  • Haiwao vana mutsvangwa kungovhukura taurai way forward hapana. Being used to divert attention. Makapera panonaka. Zanu Pf yakumhanya ne ma youth.

  • Kkkkikki i love Mutsvangwa,he tells the truth and always describes to us how a lot of people in government think like…and he tells us with same nice ,good eloquent English spiced with descriptions that mock those government officials and we laugh!!

  • I hv developed a very positive attitude towards this group of war vets which siding with the masses…plz lets accept them nt humiliate them…they hv apologised fr being used by the party t brutalise us…so wht mr d u need?

    • Reward you do not mean that. lol

    • I mean the Mahiya…Mutsvangwa …Matemadanda nt e other group…not the Mlala grovelling group. I like Matemadanda…n Mahiya most

    • Hapana apology apo vari kunyangira bag chete. Zvavo zvikangoita hamuchina ukama navo musambonyengerwa zvenyu these guyz are cunning n cruel to the bottom of their hearts.

    • TRUE chaporonga……vanhu ava vanoshanduka….

  • Thats true. Handizivi kuti vanhu vanoda zvakaita sei.if somebody apologizes it means he is ready to rectify his mistakes.

    • If u just blindy accept anything, trusting anybody anytime unonyura mface wangu. Vese vana mai mujuru vakuti takanganisa bt bottom line z vari kungoda kty zvavo zviite Mark my words

    • If u cant beat mugabe join him n start bootlicking too u live pretty well hanti vose avo mati havana deal kkkkk

  • Chinamasa has both the brains and the guts but failed to relieve us from the bank ques. We have been in bank ques since Chinamasa took oath, now he is going and had left us standing in ques. Useless guts and brains, we want a solution the liquidity crunch. Whoever ministers it will be a hero. Zimbos need solutions to their overdue problems.

    • Chinamasa z inteligent…remember he wz anti indiginisation…tkng over f banks (Barclays etc)…e 51% shares issue but z scared n singing fr hz supper…h knows hw dangerous hz ppl are!

    • kkkkk left us standing in ques

  • he never cease to amaze in the past he would defend stupidity nhasi madzingwa makuita noise tibvirei apo u are still the same wolf in the sheeps skin

  • Chombo does not need a brain or guts to be a Finance Minister. All he needs is a long tongue to kiss Grace Mugabe’s ass. She is the defacto president and leader of the ZANU-PF.

    • I just vomited after reading the long tongue ass licking part…

    • Hey Chikanga Chikanga Munya that was never my intention. My sincere apology.

  • They put Chombo so he cn release lots f funds from gvnt coffer lk Gono dd n 2008 fr e ruling party’s campaign…

  • Mbavha pf

  • Finally the Fox is looking after the chickens😨😨😨

  • May someone with the video post it to 0772 115 211

  • I hate anything to do with the current regime & its affiliates. NO. Zim will progress well if it gets a complete new engine. Not an overhauled one. The crankshaft & the bloke are both fucked up. Unfortunately some can’t see that.

  • The appointment of Combo as the Minister of Finance horrified Zimbabweans as whether it was the right course to for the country. We need a different Economic background and circumstances move on. Zimbabwe should consider a good trading rate with the rest of the World he now faces a huge task to find cash to pay for wages and bonuses or fail this damming indictment. I suggest there appointment of Tendayi Biti will be vital til to the Elections l resonate here he has the capacity and grim

  • He is clueless….kkkk

  • Appointing a new finance with only a month left for the annual budget kkkk hameno

  • *minister