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War Vets speak on cabinet reshuffle – VIDEO

The boisterous leadership of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association give their blunt response to President Robert Mugabe’s cabinet reshuffle.

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  • Kuhukura kwe mbwa dzisina mazino

  • Tatenda Churchill Saunyama izvo ka izvo

  • Vati kudii

  • Mutsvangwa is brilliant. My worry is why show it now when u were in the party u never plcly voice this. Ana Mafikizolo ava joined in 2000 and u parted with them now that they have outsmarted you, you are crying foul. I hate Zanu pf and i dnt know where to vote. Mdc is just fucking disorganised

    • Rega kuvhota noone is forced to vote

    • Kana washaya wekuvhotera vata kumba kwako isu tine vekuvhotera tivhote zvedu

    • That’s it Winnie.

    • Tonderai u are ryt but madisciples aTsvangirai havazvione

    • Blind politics wont help us its not about just removing its about having progressive people running for office. Because we are fed up with Zanu majority of us we go fo best available alternativr and thus MDc but hoping things wl move fo the best is a far fetched dream

    • Exercising our right as citizens only brings a brighter future for our kids. Whereas voter apathy completely destroys our future. Lets go and vote to bring a change to our country guys.

    • Winnie vhotai tione kunongopedza nguva hakuna chisikuuraya kana kuvhota kwacho is legitimising mediocrity

  • Hapasisina apa

  • Timbonzwa ma big English words !

  • Most war vets are sensible, however quite a lot of them are confused because they think the war was about liberating Mugabe and his family whilst the rest of Zimbabwe is suffering. Some of these guys are part of the problem.

  • Kp it up guys…u realised yr folly and changed…I admire you for tht…thumbs up to u guys!

  • Where were you all along Mutsvangwa…nxaa

  • Varume ava plan yavo ndaida mhani

  • More confused old men with little actual sense or effect Mugabe just widdles if he can manage it on them.

  • wish ma youth akabatana nema war vet coz madhara aya vari kutaura zvene musoro everyone must enjoy Zimbabwe…its time to rebuild our nation

  • Chris is right. We are a wasted generation which has hopeless children to show for the past 17 yrs. We’re past our prime age now.

  • This guys vakatambisa nguva kare vachaenda kupi manje zanupf ndiyo ine simba kupfura munhu vaparara ava mhani

  • They are only concerned about wat Mugabe is dng

  • toooooo late machindaaaaa

  • muchagonoitei mubako mvura yapedza kunaya Dzikamai waste of time

  • Maishandiswa ka vanadapi ikozvino maraswa ndipo pamakuvhura maziso .Rightnow your x boss is using zvima youth ne women’ s league naivowo vacharaswawo Cabinet ministry inenge yangozara Mugabe nemhuri yake nevazukuru vake chete muchaona kwakunzi Grace president ,Chombo VP ,Bona finance minister ,Simba reserve bank govenor ,Robert jn minister of youth and inpowerment ,Patrick anenge ave ku information and publicity kuti timame .

  • We were liberated from Smith as an individual and forgot to liberate ourselves from his systems.Mugabe took over and became a Smith.We need to remove the Smith system and whoever is a smith will go away with it.

  • The idea is good but too late

  • ….so much sense now…..

  • I don’t trust war vets. Especially when I remember their deeds & threats under Jabulani Sibanda.

  • Too late to call the giants……

  • Regai bob ah chokoche u once said he was irreplaceable the time we wanted him out … Grabriereeee vamamire

  • The War Vets are showing their anger now but for all along they are the people who where on the fore front Supporting this rotten government abusing ,invading farms ruining the economy together now you can feel how we felt all these years of Zanu Pf abuse you where supposed to work together with the nation but that time you where enjoying all of what was happening face the reality now &challenges now Guys now you regret You need to work hard as a team to show justice 🙏🏿

  • Whatever Mugabe says they respond,,,,these people love Mugabe.These so called war vets are fond of Mugabe.,,they really like him.Chese chataurwa naMugabe nanga nanga nacho,,,no why Mugabe is still the most powerful person in Zimbabwe since 1980