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Zimbabwean men arise manyadzisa – VIDEO

Zimbabwean men arise manyadzisa – VIDEO

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  • Kushata kwaro kunge muroyi

  • Zimbabwean men are lame cowards,very brave and vocal in foreign lands but meek and emasculated when in Zimbabwe, very pathetic bunch of men who can’t even fart in Mugabe’s presence

  • Maybe they just dont see any reason to

  • Pengayi maiSorobhi

  • Eeeish – tirikutukirweiko pano. Zvaita seiko?

  • I can feel your anger my dear! Zim men we are USELESS

  • Ru Apswoude

  • Madness you fight for equal rights with man yet you want man to die for you

  • Ndezvako izvo, hatidi kufa isu

  • Well allow us to be useless. We hereby give her the chance to lead us. Thank you.

  • Ummmmm

  • Varume mukaona zviri kuitwa machinda kuZanu pf naGrace munobva maona kuti tiri makwara! Vari kugwadama vanaChombo uko! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. ED haasi kufema izvozvi nokutya grace. Ndoopaunoona kuti zviya zvekuti hee takarwa hondo kunyepa. Vaiva vakavanda ava,varume chaivo ndivo vakafira kuhondo nokuti vaiva mberi.

  • First tell that to your dad and brothers. If they arise i will also arise otherwise we happily accept the crown and wish you well in your future endevours with men of any nationality of your choice. Thank you

  • I feel u and i hear u my sister.As a Zimbabwean man i fully take responsibility.Thanx for challenging us to take our place

    • Very noble of you to admit. A lot of ppl are in denial. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸΎ

  • You talk like you are in Alaska. Limpopo isn’t that far from Zim.

  • but u the ones crying for equality.. let’s fight together

  • Yaa sad ner

  • What’s there to die for.

  • we are afriad of being slaugthered ,the only brave men are the war vaterians we have today.we born after independence are women in men’s can a 93 year old cause demise to us men in our prime.fear has made us lose ur pride,wen men are called upon we lurk in the shadows.

  • Since we all equal we pass the onus to u to lead the way

  • Idiot, these are the days of equal rights, you (women) should arise and discipline your big sister- Grace

    • my friend or sister who ever you are. ..the lady is 100% correct sport on…we are a disgrace to our nation

    • You are NOT we are

    • Look at how those grown men in gvt are being demeaned by Grace and not standing up for themselves and everyone else. It’s all starting from the top

    • Makapusa munotongwa nevanhukadzi. Very soon women are taking over ruling men. Wait for a matriarch country.

    • Nhai Andile Andile ko mukadzi haasi munhu here, if my mom rules I’ll be happy the same for any other woman

    • Flo Abiri that is life, women talk a lot but men are reserved but calculative.

    • Andile Andile unorega Grace achipa vanhu nduwe dzakashanda wani

  • Is she talking about Peacebee

  • We failed because of vanhu vakaita sanaLumumba and Mliswa.

  • She has a point we put our energy pane zvinhu zvisina basa. Zvikanzi Zodwa arambidzwa kuuya kuZimbabwe panoita bongozozo

  • Mo Mae bring your cable please

  • Screw you… why didnt you stay and fight!!!

  • You are spot on my sister

  • shes very right

  • the lady said it all ….we deserve tht. ..for hw long are we going to keep on running away to foreign land to sick security from this brutal gvmnt.’s time we stand as men and claim our dignity, freedom, sovereignty against the oppressor the only language these pple ever understood is violence . ..those are deep words my sister..

  • My sister sit down & relax;We are respecting your Beijing resolution.
    Mobilise your ‘male- equated’ gurus &make Zimbabwe great again.

  • str8Talk yadigg

    okay okay i see you anger your brother died only last year and we have had problems since 199x if you were born by then.Usatuke varume as a whole because if you dont know politics unozvipinza mu soup and end up dead and no one remembers just a few moths later…if not days.Dai brother yako yanga iri murume or even dai zim yese is full of your brothers still dai tiri patiri saka ita steady.
    Disarmnation unoiziva here.ko dictatorship unoiziva here….wadii kutuka masoja kana une shungu uswere watonhorerwa uri ku america ikokoko….DZIKAMA….kana wadhinhiwa nditsvage ndiku informe zvakakwana usashande nema feelings shanda nepfungwa

  • basa kugona kurova vakadzi chete

  • Makunguwo zvaakatya,akafa mangani?

  • thank u my sister especially the youth

  • that’s rubbish, dogshit …maniac speech from a street woman who doesn’t have dignity. .she is a country goat she must try to found a mountain where she can climb and graze …i don’t have any kind of words to anyone who have humiliation words towards my world number 1 leader RG Mugabe. …i like him may God keep on giving strength to get to the podium. ..after that only words of wisdom only comes from my God chosen President

  • Hahaha she shd go and hang herself…

  • A bunch of softies, period…

  • Monique Hussey Mcfarlane please note

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  • Lazy dead mentality who’s your man this is everyone’s fight .During the liberation struggle women fought hard .Is it not your fellow woman causing all this.Stop moaning about zim men go to Nigeria or something if you not happy. We got women like Fadzai Mahare and vimbai to mention a few who are at the fore front of this everybody struggle and not waiting for men in armour to save the day .Zim men are zim men shanda nezviripo.

  • iye ayitei agere kuAmerica akamuudza kuti its a male citizen’s struggle chete ndiani? kana zvamurwadza ngauye kuno kwete kuposta ari kure uko

  • Sisi murimwana we hurudza. Isu varume vezimbabwe tisu vaya vakanyorwa pamidhuri yepamatoilets kuti VARUME!

  • A few facts to remember. The police and soldiers by default protect a president. We have voted we didn’t win. Loads of men have disappeared .I wld rather have my family alive. What if God has allowed that to take place for a reason. Everything happens for a reason at the right time.Malawi had a female president. Try tr luck sister u dont have freedom of speech. U have freedom of speech outside Zim.lastly do u know the reasons of the men in Zim for not doing what u want, or people taking action.since Zim men r cowards y haven’t u taken action. Easy to blame Zim men. We r Zimbabweans not Menmbabweans.

  • vakadzi munonetsa kuti u speak frm the heart n not from ur mind,
    does she really think kuti we enjoying ths crap,
    iye kutotiza kuenda USA kuti anotaura ari ikokol hanty thats a sign of cowardice.It begins with u! after all motanga kutinyaudza muchi campainer for gender what what,,,,,nxaa tibvire!😏

  • Taurira murume wako. U lead coz we are the same ‘eqaul rights.

  • Grace Mugabe ndiye ega murume muno mu Svimbabwe

  • ruth

    huya kuno upopote uri kuno,newe vanyadzawo

  • CHILD-FREE & Affluent Zimbo

    basa redu sevarume nderekungo kwirra vakadzi vevanhu chete……..thts why i dont want kids….i am a bad role ….guys lets not have kids …the world is messed up as it is