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RBZ Governor Dr John Mangudya must resign immediately – VIDEO

  • This guy is too chilled man but he would make a good President if only he was more active like a real black man

  • Mugabe resigning? Get real Nkosana! You are not in touch with reality

  • Khosana moyo for President

  • APA

  • No one resigns in Zim

  • Wakapusa mukanwa chikomana and hauna right yekuudza Bobo kuti asiye basa bcz hauzi wakakuvhotera wadzwa

  • That’ s the real solution.

  • Haaa ngavagare pasi machinda aya

  • At least

  • Seems to me he z not sure of wat he z doin or wants to do. Ndo type dzana Simba Makoni idzi ndoita ndorega ndoita ndorega ana rwaivhi🤣🤣

  • Hahahaha dzichiripo

  • Just trying to seek attention Dr

  • There is no culture if resigning no matter how poorly one performs

  • not resign fix yo mess

  • Poor Nkosana. Get real China. You won’t make it I promise you that!!!

  • Where were u Nkosana all along coz u grown up with ZANU then you mean u can challenge Chatunga’s father

  • True…Bob must leave…we are tired of him

  • tee cee

    its mugabe who shld resign not mangudya

  • Gakanje

    I am still yet to hear this Nkosana Moyo”s policies regarding the ailing economy apart from disparaging his former collegues. Zimbabweans are good at making noise and blaming the state for everything. The solution in Zimbabwe lies in changing attitude by Zimbabweans themselves. Being patriotic, frown corruption, self reliance and innovative. No governor even from the moon will turn around the Zimbabwean economy with such wide spread fraud and corruption among its people. Its banks and retailor market are institutionally corrupt and the social fabric rotten.