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Panic buying in Harare – VIDEO

Panic buying in Harare – VIDEO

  • Panic buying nedoro here vakomana !!!! Vanhu itai mushe

  • It’s not panic, it’s insurance.

    • Insurance for twoo weeks’ food security?😂😂😂 Don’t treat the symptom, treat the disease

  • People create their own problems. It’s really stupid to think that you can buy and stock enough to last you 6 months till elections. How about the rest of the citizens? Selfish motives. Unfortunately this will prove brisk business to Mafias as they will stock again. Black market will return, hoarding and price controls, just buy what you need.

    • Wise move wangu by stocking you have nothing to loose otherwise you wiĺ feel the pain

    • People just talk rubbish because you not on the ground .if you were there and you have less food home it no fuel surely we will see you in that danm stores hoarding

    • This shows how greedy Zimbabweans are. So if they buy everything and stock in their homes what would happen to the rest? Instead they should move in their numbers towards the same cause . All these people who hoard stuff in this manner are the very corrupt people who would be seen changing money and selling these commodities in black market. In this case I don’t really blame Zanu but selfish citizens who want to make a fortune and capitalise on this crisis instead of seeking long term solutions.

  • Panic worsens the problem

  • Vangadii iyo nyika irimugungwa kudai yakuda kunyura.

  • But the bussiness people should not take advantage of the situation.

    • They arent taking advantage of the of bsn objective and the most important one is survival.they are jus adjusting and being creativity to the situation.if you sell your products cheap unopinda busy pakuno order.ndomanyurire akaita vanhu 2008.if this thing persist then its better to close the shop yo those with bsns vanhu kwakungo stika.thats why muchiona vanhu vachiita zvavari kuita…jus imagine uri kuti 2l c/oil uri kuitengesa $8 then pouya umweni unoti ndikuda 12 ma 2l at that price.are you willing to sell to that person?unenge wakutoti pamwe wachipa

    • But we are looking at the situation whereby people are saying no cash in the country there are some bussimen who are not letting the money to cerculating in the country

  • Kkkkkk what a marketing strategy ,

  • Kikkiki, hahahaha!! How foolish can people be?? Honestly you hope to stock up for a problem whose length you don’t even know, an imaginery problem you are not even sure of!! Kikkkkk hayas,, really desperate if you ask me!!!

    • So tell us what would you do in that situation, Mr Wiseman??

    • They have seen it before and they are spending their hard earned cash so why should u worry about them,so stupid to blame people who have greater experience

    • Just wait for death, this problem doesn’t need pierce-meal solutions , like a stupid grocery stock up, it will obviously run out before you know it!! You are better of registering to vote than running like headless chicken to hoard some perishables!!! The only good thing they did is to make my day,, l’m still laughing @ them!!!!

    • We are hoarding and have already registered to vote. If I stock up cooking oil that lasts 6 months, that’s one burden paid for kwosara zvimwe. You sound like you broke. Kurwadziwa nevanhu vari kushandisa mari dzavo. Hautonyari murume mukuru

    • When is the problem starting & ending?? Im not pained by their money or expenditure l’m surprised @ the level of stupidity, Nehanda radio brought up the topic so that we give our views on that, comments may not always go your way, this is facebook the earlier you get that into your thick skull the better!! I can be broke for other things, foodstaff forget youngman, l’m a farmer!!

    • Mr Buyiselani Ngwenya you’re misleading baba, leave them, why do you think they’re wrong ,can’t you see that the disparity btwn the bond and the real USD has started…..If you stock up the bond thinking that you’re rich uchachema mudhara.

    • Aaah, Mr Marango, how long have you been in Zimbabwe?? In Zimbabwe you don’t keep money in whatever form, never!!! Whether Bond or what don’t keep anything, just buy property, convert your money into something that you land your hand on, goat, sheep cattle, houses. You are better of buying your groceries from neighbouring countries as you need them than hoarding groceries, because hoarding will only archive two things price increases & scarcity of goods!!!

    • I like your reasoning Buyiselani Ngwenya.Its a pity the majority can’t comprehend or relate

    • Chakachengedza ndechakatanga , better to buy two things at a certain price cause soon you might not even buy 1 at that price

    • You made the bed,you must now lie on it

    • True buyiselani so these two perfumed condom boxes I have what can I do with them now 😩

    • Better to stock up than be sorry

    • Todii hama takangojairira kunge takangwara isu tisina kkkk

    • Buyiselani Ngwenya brick by brick you build a house and step by step you get to your destination. hoarding is not bad bro,i know you are frustrated by we Zimbos because we should have cured this problem way back by voting this regime out I totally get that but as for now we need to eat to survive so whatever we can get let’s hoard as for next month or coming months that will be sorted out in terms of food. yes for sure we will register to vote no doubt about that

    • If you do not have money to buy do not mislead people. If you have a family of 3 and you buy a box of cooking oil hanti unopedza gore rese? Case ye sugar haupedze gore? Box re surf case re rice haupedze gore? Kana waidya mari as if ndeyekuba uchanyura chete

    • Hey…..true
      Vanhu tisu trungozviitisa….afta 2months zvatopera motokwangwaya futi.

    • Kudakwashe Musindo wapedza. Better buy zvegore rese coz mari iyoyo haizokwani kutenga zvemwedzi mangwana. Byron Chamburuka ataura

  • The timing of this mess couldn’t have been better, with the elections around the corner. I hope people will finally wake up and realise there is nothing but pain on offer from this system.

  • Munhu haangoite panic buying without a cause the situation causes such behavior let that be addressed first,if they is going to be shortages of fuel that means deliveries will be delayed in stores who ever finds fuel ⛽️ will probably get it at a higher price and it affects the consumer,it’s a chain of events that leads to the masses to behave like such.

    • Vanga stoka zvakawanda sei panic buying my foot cheap politics

    • My friend if people are buying say cooking oil because of the fear of it running out and u are not HAUNA CASH chete to go buy.

    • Especialy sugar guys it will start to be scarce tongatt hullets is a white owned business and they are experiencing challenges wt gvt they wiĺl stock that thing or exporting it out if they cant get us dollars locally better stock it coz sugar haiori zvekumhanya

    • Sugar is bad for your health don’t even worry about it kkkkk

    • Hahaha

  • Hanty hurumende yakaita nharo ikarambidza vanhu kuimporter zvinhu, backfiring now. Tasting their own medicine.

  • Asazi

  • Ndopaunonzwa rimwe richiti pamberi naAmai rapihwa ice cream .Nyika yese kuroiwa nemunhu 1 Bob Matibili

  • Zimbabwe for Mugabe

  • God Save Zimbabwe

  • To me this doesn’t make sense at all. You pile up goods in your house then what next? Poor sound judgement

  • kana vakatenga monoorder zvimwezve moisa pamasherefu gtenga futika ndiyobhizimisi yacho

  • Inflation

  • I shall not do any panic buying, will wait until “he ” is back from the UN General Assembly in the US. As for burning the hard currency, will do that and pay my children’s school fees for almost nothing. Ndikoko! Because chekuita handina, all I can do is wait and wait. Yangu hana inorovera kuIndian ocean!

  • Kkkkkkk

  • Ko blaz vane yellow shirt and red cap wane ma Castle Lites wari ku panicer here awo hahahahaha 😆

  • let them buy in bulk the zanufied retail companies are smiling.We harvested enough food that might last for two years therefore there is no need for such a stupid move.

  • Dai zvirizvo zvataigaroita nedenga tai Linda coz munhubanopanikira kagirosari kaasingaite nako mwedzi zvawo chikonzero nekuterera vanhu vemabhizinisi kana zvinhu zvichikwidzwa mutengo ndozvazvinoita muka!! mwana weZimbabwe

  • Taipinda

  • What’s wrong people just running around, they panic like chicken hahaha

  • special for this weekend hurry its not panic


    1. If I panic buy groceries and other basics, will i ever buy enough to last me until the crisis ends?

    A. Obviously no. So stop panic buying any goods

    2. If I burn my cash and get a good rate, will I ever sell enough to last me until everything normalises?

    A. No. So don’t sell your few dollars for a short term gain

    3. Will panicking help me solve this situation?

    A. Panic only worsens any situation. So do not panic.

    4. What should I do then?

    A. There are many things we can do in our own capacity as individuals. Such as

    a. Avoiding buying non-essential stuff from shops that insist on cash only especially in downtown areas. Don’t feed the appetite by giving in to it. Without business these sellers will conform.

    b. Resisting the urge to get caught up in the “everyone is doing it” hype.

    c. Reporting those who carry out underhand dealings such as cash selling, etc. While we all think no-one will act on it, ultimately such reports will fall on someone with a good ear.

    d. Avoiding spreading panic-driving messages and information. Most people react to such messages by following suit.

    Finally. If we fall, it affects those of us at the bottom the most. It is only in our best interest to ensure we do our own part in making the economy work

    *Freely share it might help change mentalities*

  • Lets just pray and hope we aren’t hearding towards another 2007-8 scenario

  • They should panic igniting 4th chimurenga to remove the dictator

  • Mazimbabwe taoonekwakuti takapusa nepasi rese tongonyepera kufamba tichitaura chirungu mahara

  • Kurukunzi akuna mari munyisa saka vanhu zvavakazadza ma trolly varikutenga nei

  • Vanhu veku Zimbabwe muzere nema jokes

  • Booming business welldone Zanu Pf

  • Natalie Shaw Angela Hazel Gallagher Joanne Shaw Hamilton-Browne

  • Shame

  • Y?

  • Ava vari kutenga mari vanayo ko vasina mari vanotenga nei vo stoka chii

  • Jesus!