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Mutare Wife Killer found, The Inside Story, SHOCKING DETAILS

The body of Mutare man, Elisha Murimba, who last week killed his 46-year-old wife in unclear circumstances, was found in a decomposing state 400 metres from his home.

  • Shame

  • Nhamo haibve paneimwe. Sad

  • Zvakaoma

  • Wepfut achafa nepfut yake.saka zvaakatongera mumwe ndozvamutongawo

  • old news ,how true is it that he killed his wyf ,what if the wife was having another man in those 20 yrs n the guy dd the killing ,what proof is there that the husband killed the wyf ,huh ???

  • Joram Mutero I share your sentiments. There is no evidence yet linking that man to that murder . It could be someone did kill the couple . We haven’t had any forensic evidence from the police but media has already sentenced the guy. Was there anything to suggest the relationship was in turmoil to make us believe it got worse to end in murder . There is some thinking to do

  • Akadogona kuzviuraya nekuti takamigumbukira mhondi uyu

  • And what are the shocking details that all papers a talking about while they are not disclosing them. Has anyone read about the details?

  • This man was a moving devil ! Very wicked a failure in life if only the wife knew ! She could not have received him! . May the wife soul Rest In Peace! I was hurt!

  • Did he really murder his wife??Any proof??

  • Haana basa uyo

  • PLEASE THE NEHANDA PEOPLE DON’T JUST DELIVER YOUR POSTS PREMATURELY!!!! Where did you get the information that he killed his wife. If one dies and the spouse disappears then you suspect the missing person to be the perpetrator. Wake up, otherwise stop sending posts about the matter bcoz your readers are disgusted about your shallow views!!!!! Will you apologise if in future you realize that you were feeding us poison stories

  • Yoooo zvaunotogara nemhondi mumba chokwadi kuribikira kuriwachira nxaaaaa

  • Some reports says he was found in Mozambique and you’re saying 400m from his home saka who is fake news

  • So people were not looking for him. 400m it means they were supposed to find him even without searching for him. I m surprised kuti police yaitsvaga kupi

  • Mhondiiiii

  • Uuuuuuuummmn zvinorwadza izvi veduwee