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Mutare Man Akaponda Mukadzi, This is WHAT HAD HAPPENED The Night Before

Mutare Man Akaponda Mukadzi, This is WHAT HAD HAPPENED The Night Before

  • Ooohhh No……..

  • So sad😥

  • Someone paste ‘n post

  • What happened?

  • How can you re-unite people after 25yrs. Mukadzi uyu aiva nemoyo wakanaka. Afira kuva munhu akanaka kwake

  • Ini pa25 yrs ngazvigare hapo hupenyuka uhu

    • love has gt ol thoz powers…even 40 years..tht spark ikangovapo chatsva

  • Haana nyaya blaz uyu

  • A sad story indeed.I think you need to find a more accomplished and talented presenter.

  • The robbers did all that realising that you will suspect the husband yet he was also murdered. They hanged him just 400m from his house at a place where they knew there was a possibility of him being found in a decomposing state so that no evidence will show that he was also murdered. The neighbors did not hear any sound of quarrels. Little blood was found whe the body of the deceased wife was lying which clearly indicates that she was brought home after the killing. Their money was no more after the incident. The two were robbed, abducted and murdered

  • At this point in time we don’t have any evidence that the husband killed the wife it could b that in those 25 years someone could have invested in a relationship with that lady now that the main man was back he could have felt cheated and disappointed and decided to kill them both if that’s the scenario his planned has worked so far because he z not on the suspects list conclusions have been done already which could b wrong

  • This is really sad

  • What was what?

  • The husband did it. It was a crime of passion.

  • aikaka

  • Anga apakurirwa bhonzo

  • Video apana zvurikutaurwa nxaaaa apana