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How Jonathan Moyo plans to make Mphoko Zimbabwe President – Pardon Gambakwe (VIDEO)

Pardon Gambakwe explains Professor Jonathan Moyo’s daring plan to elevate Vice President Mphoko to the most powerful position in the Zimbabwe. One thing is clear about Jonathan Moyo, he doesn’t see the people’s struggle as genuine! He doesn’t see the bank queues, he doesn’t see the deaths in our hospitals: All he sees is loyalty to Grace Mugabe.

  • What’s the problem so u saying ZIM is for shona people only stupid Pardon what was the agreement of ZAPU and ZANU in 1987 .not everything shud be shoñas yes i love shona people but things have to change u cant rule forever zim is our country too

    • No Shona has ever rule Zimbabwe

    • zim is for shona people ndebele from South africa or venda what

    • Uuuummm dirty minds Cris ,,plz get a life

    • Hamb’unyela leeeeeee zim lizwe lethu uyanya kant awuyaz kuth udabuka kuph…leeee eNatal hay lana ezim

    • Tribal battles are very disturbing, especially in a public platform

    • Gushaz pliz avoid that, l said read the history there is so much on record wena

  • So J moyo doesn’t see bank lines. Those that are seeing them. What are they doing about it? Nothing. You only criticise J Moyo on tribal grounds

    • I didn’t see a single comment about Mphoko’s tribal background.He has shown himself incapable of making a single coherent statement.Which means if Moyo thinks this man would make a good leader then he has impaired judgment.Or maybe he’s hoping to impose Mphoko as his proxy?

    • Which tribe is Moyo

    • Moyo is Khalanga,and we know Khalanga is not Karanga

    • Wrong moyo is a ndau from chipinge. He is related to ndabaningi sithole. He is a ndau

    • We can all argue whether he’s Khalanga or Ndau the fact is he regards himself as Ndebele.All those minority groups are part of Ndebele nation and he’s from Tsholotsho.

  • Voetsek Voetsek! Are those pushing Munangagwa seeing the bank ques? Tribalist skunk. Mphoko just like Mnangagwa is in a place to be President. The Presidential post is not reserved for a certain tribe only.

    • Agreed!But nobody on this thread said Mphoko could not ascend because of the tribe he identifies with.Both Mphoko and Mnangagwa are part of the cabal that put us in this situation and they have to go.I have learnt something about rich Zanoids whether Ndebele, Shona or Nambya,they care little about people of their own tribes who are not as fortunate as they are.It’s up to us the little people to get rid of them all and make a country that works for everyone.

    • I also agree with you. I do not support Zanu but if there are plans to shift it’s leadership from the shona hegemony then i will support the idea from afar, it’s good for their party. And again yes Zanu should GO, they have failed.

    • To tell you the truth brother! Mphoko will never be the Zimbabwean President.

  • If Moyo is trying to do that then he is doing something. The country really need a President whoever he is. It is currently in the hand of a Traditional leader we can’t go like that. Only traditional leaders leads their ppl at 93. So welldone Moyo at least he is seeing that the country without a president is desperately searching for one. Even if it means making himself one.

    • Mphoko is no spring chicken himself.We need someone under 70

    • Yeah if we are given chance to choose. As you can see they are just playing their game in a deadly manner no choice for public here. So vakatichinjirawo sekuru chero vakaisawo vamwewo varinanewo mbichana we will take from there.

  • Khaya Moyo beta

  • People like Jonathan, are just but tools used by Mr Bob for a prolonged stay on power till he handover power to his family member. Bob knows very well that the Ndebeles wants a President from their region,he then uses them to when they see they will get nothing.

    • I agree with you bro..Bob isnt that weak minded..He knows the tools to use for him to remain in power…infact that is why he is still in power..

  • I think a ndebele leader will do well it terms economic just not sure about tribalism.

    • Really?Since when did a person’s tribal make up determine their competence at anything?Your statement is tribalistic in itself because it’s built upon stereotypes unproven by fact.The current regime is made up of all tribal groups if you didn’t know.

    • History and facts on ground..economic minds are tribal u can never run from that fact..look at the chinese way of thinking..the Americans to name a few the way they handle their economies is just different..Go to bulawayo town and hre town council and make a genuine pure shona but i believe there is a me tribal or what but thats the truth

    • No difference at all if you read Auditor General Chiri’s reports.And the councillors and worforce at BCC are made up of all tribes.Your point is moot

    • I have lived in both towns brother i dnt need that report .i use my eyes

    • Yes there are mixed tribes in council but they are building from existing cultures of governance

    • Cultures of governance,i thought there was one culture that we need and that is democracy that is fare to everyone who lives under the same constitution,what other culture is there Mr Munyaradzi Mufara??,pliz elaborate

    • The opposite is true

  • How are they going to go.past the army?Stupid question.Chiwenga is just a civil servant who can be fired like any other.The rest of the soldiers will have to obey whoever is put as the new commander

  • Whats wrong with Mugabe’s advisers?Honestly,if he has any advisers they should be fired.

  • A President should have the interest if the people at heart ndebele or shona

  • Destroying the mafia from within!!!!

  • Mboko imboko

  • Jonathan aka Little Finger 😂

  • This is a vital lesson kini lonke Mandebele eliyiziphofu,
    If this question can be answered frankly by that fool,”why cant Mphoko be Zim president”??
    If it is answered truthfully,then MaNdebele akuZanu lonke liyizinja ×10

    • Are you for real?Mphoko is just like Mnangagwa.They care only about themselves.This misplaced tribal loyalty will be our undoing.Not every Ndebele person is a friend of the Ndebele and not every Shona person is an enemy of the Ndebele.There are plenty of Ndebele people qualified for the presidency and Mphoko isn’t one of them.

    • Wizzy Zvoushe,u are missing the point here,the question is”sinxe all Zanu pf aligned pple are not good for the country s leadership,what is it that makes Mphoko worse?
      If that is expalined then u will get what im saying

    • Ngvumelana lawe mfethu!

    • He can’t be a president coz he is the one who sold his brothers to zanla that’s why he was not even close to nkomo he was a zanla sell out after independence the zipra solders were looking for him and Mugabe sent him to China we don’t want people like that to lead us

    • Charles Kambare Mpofu K,the point is Mr Mpofu,there is no one in Zanu pf who has qualities of a true leader,everyone has sold out and stole in one way or another,so,if all these pple are devils,what exactly disqualifies him frm being a president?
      Why beat around the bush,just say it dude

    • Kkkkkkkkkkkkk that how yu pull yoself to a small minority grp. The writer did not say anything about a Ndebele thing. Its at abt G40 and Lacaste, and its abt Grace and Mnangagwa fulstop. Yu have directed the story to yo weakness. If really want to talk about Presidency the only person who can’t lead the country is Mboko. Its not about his Ndebele background but coz he knows nothing about it. He is a condom brought by Bhobho to the table so that he salutes Grace always. He is a place holder and he suits well in that position because even he is a zero Mnangagwa is there who is the VP. To be honest the position of a president do not need place holders, iye Moyo akatovananekkkkkkkkkkk we are tired at a situation where the President is a name holder and someone from the background is making executive decisions never. Its the highest time that all the ghost workers be removed from positions and those mentally jacked up assumes responsibility. To hell with your tribal debates.

    • Mr Simbarashe Mauta,to hell??
      Dude who did i insult??

    • This is not about Mphoko being a Ndebele…but we dont want anyone aligned with Zanu now coz they still protect their intetest on the expense of struggling Zimboz

    • The presidency of Zimbabwe must be open to any tribe in our country.

  • He shall be dressed down in due season as mafia has no life long comradeship

  • That wont happen Grace is going to be the next President of Zimbabwe

  • Zanu pf is Zanu pf and its no good be it a Zezuru ndebele , Tonga , venda ,karanga .

    Do not insult each other here Zanu pf is by the Devil ,for the Devil .

  • Phelekezela Mphoko to highest office in the land??kikikii.this guy is not even invited to functions by the many proffesional and economic bodies in Zim.

    • What do you think may be the cause of this? Answering honestly will be appreciated.

    • The cause is because Mphoko has a strange history ever since he defected from Zipra to Zanla during liberation struggle and where was he during the Matebeland and Midlands disturbances during the early 1980s??When we were growing up we knew all top government officials by head and Mphoko i never heard of him…only for him to just pop up and become vice President…. what is he being thanked for?Beside he is not an intellectual with depth whenever he speaks his words lack meaning or any depth.Thats why busines organisations and other professional bodies and associations never invite him to their functions…he should just continue donating neyo/amatsiyane chete/kuphela.

    • Simphiwe Khumalo. Let me tell you the truth here. Mphoko will never be the President of Zimbabwe even one day. If he become the President, i will kill myself.

    • Mphoko is not a Ndebele. Mphoko is Mugabe’s brother. That’s why you see now he just come from nowhere and become the deputy President. They want him to be the next President.

    • Not Mphoko no no no…that man doesn’t have the stature of being President of Zim ,he sold out Joshua Nkomo that’s why he got rewarded with Vice Presidency.

  • No one from Matebeleland to Harare State House Jonathan z dreaming

  • Jonah chaiye? Kkk

  • Nonsense! Everyone knows that the Zanu pf presidency is reserved for the Zezurus

  • A clever person can sit are far & check the exacley game which is played in Zanu PF,,the game only to play Emmerson which i dont give a damn ‘the like of Jonathan Moyo”Saviour kasukuwere”Mphoko”Grace”and other hidden Clever Ndebele pple’who are in Harare’they are one company against team Lacoste”dont be fooled by medea those guys are jst making money out of playing with our mind ”Whether Shona or Ndebele to ruled that country nothing is gonna give the best of my mouth to smile ‘i will rather continue supporting my family than chanting to have a Ndebele President ”Jogging like a donkey chanting for Shona President ”singing supporting someone to rule me the way he likes”Fuck the Hell too’ im the President by nyself”im a minister of MashonaLand & a minister of MatebeleLand at same time & im enjoying every moment of my life coz in my territory i dont like war i dont like tribalism ,im living feeling ire,,,,,,,””

  • Good and factual analysis

  • I think it’s not a bad thing. Considering Mpoko is already a Vice President. Jonathan is always on a mission anyway. So if he wants the presidency to be rotated from Shona’s to other tribes, he might be justified

  • moyo is not daft like you admin.

  • Let him try!

  • Jona anozviita, akangwarisa maningi

  • ndebeles are not Zimbabweans they are south Africans..

    they can’t rule Zimbabwean. …only Shonas

  • Never,zviroto hatitongwe nezvakadaro izvo

  • Zviroto chete izvo kkkkkkk

  • To hell wth dis Jonzo rubbish guy

  • I think it’s a good idea too to give Mphoko a chance to rule even thow he did nothing to the Ndebele nation because he was under the constitution of zanupf. But for Robert Mugabe everyone knows that he is not good and he has never done any good thing since he came to power. Only he did is to destroy what was built before.On tribalism he is number one.And he brain washed all the shona people to hate other Zimbabweans

  • Nekupusa ikoko..nhaka gore rino

  • whoiz phelekezela mboko

  • Always surprised when a ndebele guy openly speaks tribalism knowing very well they are a minority compared to shona, Zimbabwe is for all hey. Thru research this ndebele brother can find out they were loyal shonas in the original Zapu, its important to read wide so that u learn more about things rather than just stereotype things, smell the the coffee my ndebele brother we happen to be family.

  • Where did the tongue clicking speaking people originate?

  • Lets all vote for Moyo for President. He will be dead in weeks.

  • U have said more than truth my br