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Christopher Mutsvangwa calls for reconciliation with exiled Rhodesians – VIDEO

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNWLVA) chairperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa calls for reconciliation with exiled Rhodesians during a press conference in Harare. Mutsvangwa said they need for every Zimbabwean and Rhodesian to come together to build Zimbabwe after 2018 elections.

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  • vana mutsvangwa maidini kutaura muchaguta ku zanu uko

  • mutsvangwa is ryt

  • now? in 2017??? he’s an idiot

  • I thought after independence there was reconciliation with the Rhodies….

    • Bob revoked it

    • Yes juc lyk wht S.A. did

    • I think he now want support from ordinary Zims who now see that Rhodesia was far much better than Zimbabwe…..or white man to black oppression was better than black to black oppression. My thought is that if there was no racial segregation….this country was on a good economic path..equal most European nations..its sad that we r seeing the other good side of the Rhodies when the damage has been done.

  • Ahhhh yas

  • Exiled Rhodesians?If they think of themselves as Rhodesians then they are no good at all.

    • Zim gvt always refers to them as such,

    • Rhodesia is the best thing that ever happened to this beleaguered pathetic country. We owe the little things left now, to Rhodesia…

    • Tatenda this regime is awful but Rhodesia was a mean place.Zimbabwe hasn’t worked for us all because we allowed one man and his cabal to hijack our hopes and dreams.If we see the white people as our messiahs we will always deserve leaders with a messianic complex like Bob.Instead of pining for a Rhodesian utopia that never existed we should be fighting the people who have made Zim an awful place.

  • hakuna vanhu vakashungurudza vanhu kudai neamavetereni iwaya kumamisha uko now ava kutaura bcz abva kuZanu noooo ndipo pandava kutangavo kufamba nezanu ipapo makamboti ndeyeropa wani rakaperasu ropa racho.

  • Mutsvangwa’s head is working wonders now

  • Wapera basa mdhara.Go back to 2008 & lick your wounds.Bob is not going anywhere as you declared in 2008.

  • There is a turning point in every situation . I thot az much

  • Politics is a dirty game no one is right

  • Emotions at work. Cool down comrade!

  • Thats the way to go

  • Atleast he is talking sense, zim is out of touch, we are isolated jus like North Korea

  • Desperate.

  • Tisu maCde chaiwo kwete imi nxaa

  • Why now 37 years down the line? Are you now feeling the heat? Or maybe you have looted everything and you want them to come and build again then you chase them away and grab their properties

  • dai uine hama irimo muguva rekuChimoio kana Tembwe hawaitaura nezvekuti Rhodesia. chisiira pilitics vapfanha makakoniwa kare.

  • Akabva kuZanu futi mukuru uyu???????

  • Mutsvangwa for President

  • This is where we differ there are no Rhodesians there are only Zimbabweans.

  • I remember one speech of his,in 2015 during independence day in the National Sports stadium,if my mind serves me well.
    He said, “Kwese kwatinofamba kune dzimwe nyika,vanototi imbotipaiwo vaMugabe vambotitongawo kana gore rimwe zvaro kana mwedzi umwe zvawo,nekuti ummmm vanogona”

    Kkkkkkkk hence ,I cant believe he is still okay upstairs

  • zanu pf chiororo nooooooo inogwadza vanhu kusvikapamoyomoyo ,mmmmh i ll never join it

  • Chris vanoti makudo ndemamwe I don’t think yu still one of them. Your fight is ours dude, Mugabe is now old lest he rest not in eternal peace but in external peace kwaZvimba.

  • Unlike that fake wanna be king mzilikazi ass wipe who is trying to devide people .He will crash and burn soon..

  • We truly need everyone, no racism, no tribalism, no Rothschild underhand.

  • To achieve that cde Mutsvangwa,it’s not just by word of mouth but an entire commitment.Zimbabwe has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that white exiled Zimbabweans are still part of us and we miss them greatly

  • I don’t buy anyone still in zanu,hoo zviye taakunovhotaka i want to know who wl be te winner if you want them bk

  • What a nightmare from the psychotic Chris Mutsvangwa.

  • mutsvangwa is now politically mad..that man is tenfaced that they have looted out everything in zimbabwe..they wants the whites that they chased away to come back and rebuild zim for them…some mashonas are really wicked and shameless..white people will never live in harmony again in zim..forget it.

  • mutsvangwa is now politically mad..that man is tenfaced that they have looted out everything in zimbabwe..they wants the whites that they chased away to come back and rebuild zim for them…some mashonas are really wicked and shameless..white people will never live in harmony again in zim..forget it.

  • Kkkkk iwe chaiye yaaa pakaipa

  • Too late isu vemasvingo tavekutoita zvedu Garwe taurawo iwe

  • Ok you are power hungry

  • Kutonga kwaro garwe

  • Good man , now please follow up with actions …

  • I don’t do politics

  • After sense

  • Vhotai chete

  • When did he get the wake up call

  • Who are those Rodesians? We know only Zimbabweans not Rodesians.

  • Mutsvangwa ua saying it coz wakadzingwa. Wakangofanana naMujuru, Mutasa, Gumbo mese idiot

  • its a pity it took Mtsvangwa almost 40years to realize that zim needs both whites n blacks to make this country a jewel n bread basket in Africa. Now after being used by Mugabe to drive the Rhodes out of zim so wickedly n killing some do u expect them to just forget n come back. Be realistic cdre!

    • Point Baba… these people are a bunch of clueless pricks…they can’t do alone period. ZANU PF is a racist terrorist organisation bent on diving the people for nothing but individual gain.

    • I don’t know much about his past but I saw this guys give a speech at the launch of a big company, I was impressed with his energy and accomplishment of attracting investment into Zimbabwe … yes Carlson Mike your quite correct too much time has passed and too much pozion has been spewed, although it might take another 40 years to reset, sadly 😞 we must start somewhere . . .

    • Anyone who wishes to come back must do everything with every fibre of their being to come back home.the good thing is mutsvangwa has seen the light….

    • Plus it’s better late than never

  • Kkkkkk kumwe kupenga so

  • Pakaipa. There is a lot to be revealed this year…. yahhh!!!

  • Ndozvawanoita kana wadzingwa mumaparty awo same naMjuru nxaaa.

  • Kkkkkkkkkk

  • We are waiting for blood to be spilled amongst these ZANU PF terrorists. Let them kill each other for a fourth chimurenga after hondo yeminda. Let the war begin, the weakest links will perish, watch and enjoy as the another struggle unfolds….

  • Blessed Ndiweni

    smtimes it takes smne to be in the cold to say the truth zvobuda ka!

  • A case of “This is the house that Jack build.And this is the meal that lay in the house that Jack build.And this is the rat that ate the meal,that lay in the house that Jack build.And this is the cat…..on and on it goes without an end

  • One Zim One nation

  • Its too Mr mutsangwa you should have done this before gukurahundi n before 2008 n before looting their property plus i don’t think your brother mugabe will allow them to comeback its just your wish

  • at least he is calling for reconciliation thats good he has realised his mistakes . we should be asking him how he intend to achieve his utterances

  • Wth each day m becoming more & more convinced that Jesus Christ is coming . NdiVaMutsvangwa here avo vari kutaura mashoko akadero ….. kkkkk “guided democracy” yamaitiudza yakazoendepi

  • Anytime is teatime for the open minded ones.God help Zim. When Jesus says yes noone kana ani zvake will say no . Time will tell as history always suprises the future readers

  • Mutsvangwa chinja maitiro ,maitiro ako ayoooo ehumbwende ayooo chinja HEZVO UKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BWAAAAAAAAAAH 2018.

  • I like Mutsvanga…change of heart…kp it up u n yr guys!

  • kupenga zvakunoita

  • How can you tok of reconciliation with Rhodesians if you can’t fix Gukurahundi issue?

  • Mabhunu bodo. Pasi nemabhunu

  • We saw it long, long back that poor but rich Zimbabwe needs Rhodesians to build again

  • Whatever people say about mutsvangwa, that guy is a useful commodity only that he was being abuse so to say

  • Time up for you Rhodesian .its now time for young generation to renovate all what you destroyed coz of you selfishness .no more those sily statement after election zvaana shefu zvapera pa mugabe era .kana zvekuti shefu zvapera huori hwaperawo .lets stop corruption guys musachabvuma kupa chemuhomwe varume tione kuti yashefu ichabvepi.

  • Go fuck yo mummys grave ….Mutsvangwa?

  • Vho Mutsvangwa wahone vhakwane…tshipengo tshikho hulela hafhanoni

  • Usadaro iwe unononosa zvinhu.

  • Too late! Had he been intelligent as he claims to be he would have seen this earlier. No-one in ZANU except Mugabe has any modicum of intelligence. That explains why he had been able to use them willy nilly

  • Blaz uyu imhandu pasi nevanopandukira hurumende

  • Paul in Damascus

  • I guess it’s not a political gimmick at this moment we have to face the enemy as United force

  • Makuma

    Most Rhodies subscribe to their pioneer, Cicil Rhodes doctrine that ‘they are a special race destined to rule other nations’. When Robert Mugabe govt came to power they left for NewZealand, Australia, England ,America and South Africa. They practise far right politics which even in the west is frowned upon. How can Mutsvangwa of all people reconcile with the likes of KKK. If he is now funded by these groups to hallucinate the way he does, that is treacherous.

  • Zvavariduche nhai baba ava…..nyika yese haifari navo.

  • Kkkkk its cold out here!!!!

  • how many peop[e did he Mutsvangwa kill in Norton in 2008 runoff besides he must hand over the the property yaaka pamba

  • kkkkkkk iwe kupandukira hurumende watodzva…pachanetsa ….kutengesa nyika iwe kkkk

  • I think akurasika manje . I thought he was intelligent enough

  • No more Rhodes let’s start our Zimbabwe as they started Rhodesia