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There is no 9 year old prostitute and Katswe Sistahood is lying – Lumumba (VIDEO)

Acie Lumumba playing an audio recording of Epworth prostitutes who reportedly claim that there are no 9 year olds prostitutes in Epworth. The ladies also claim that Katswe Sistahood made up the whole story to get donor funding

  • True

  • That says the Facebook warriors
    Why don’t people just go to these places where they allegedly frequently patrol instead of listening to Lumumba.
    This is not a new incident this has been happening for years and people just thought it was normal so what’s new about the Katswe sisters highlighting the problems we already know
    Who is fathering the underage street kids ?
    Hopefully somebody must go and ask whats happening to the street kids.

  • Does he know all the Prostitutes and their ages..Waaal you are gr8 Lumumba

  • Kkkkk common sense will tell you that at the age of 9 no child can sleep with a man willingly unless raped.

  • @ Sheunesu , you therefore prove that “common sense” is not common to everybody bcoz the issue is real

  • Common sense is not common, lol