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Mutare man who deserted family for 25 years returned home and killed wife – VIDEO

Mutare man who deserted family for 25 years returned home and killed wife – VIDEO

  • Typical of zimbos, zimbo men are beasts

    • Kkkk hahahah wena

    • Has he been caught yet

    • What’s your nationality Sipho Khoza? Most probably S.A. Plz don’t umbrella everybody in one or few people’s blunders. If you are S.A, killings are all over, even more than the showers in Zim. It rains in S.A. We don’t condone such behaviours here bro. Learn to behave yourself

    • U have no comment

    • Sweetie try being fair to other people. Hideous crimes are committed by man here in SA you don’t hear other nations calling them out with outrageous fists. Keep it together don’t point fingers cause three is facing you

    • Lol bbe I’m just Kidding, trying to generate material for my book

    • Lemson Mautsi we also have Khozas in Zim my brother go to Lupane u will find them. When in Mzansi sebezifihla.

    • Makhosiwonke Thebe ngibona phela lowu esithi “typical of Zimbos, zimbo men are beasts” not excluding himself seemingly proving to be foreign. Or else he one of them

  • Mboko yemurume

  • Akanzwa kuti vana vose havasi vake maybe

  • What a touching story

  • Saka what was the idea of playing the music at the background while narrating the story. Hapana chatiri kunzwa.

  • Vakadziwo Futi l will not take back bba benzi after all those yrs l can forgive yes but the very moment l forgive u l also forget your name.lf it was the other way round ayitambira mkadzi here now ndiwe wotofa Futi nxaaaa he is a sycho

  • Hanzi vabatwa ishuwa here

    • Kunyeberwa zvenyu haasati abatwa I was working for this woman zvorwadza

  • Commentary very poor

  • Vakadzi this is high time we should not accept this kana munhu akambokusiya achienda nemumwe mukadzi really what makes think kudzoka kwake kunenge jurisdiction genuine. 25 years vakasiyiwa uchitambura nevana. Ngativhurei pfungwa . Kana raenda ngariende mhani. This is so sad.

    • that’s true

    • Taura hako flora.

    • Ichokwadi taura hako zvakuda kungwararira izvi

    • Taura hako sahwi panonzi Mrs apa vakadzi hameno chii. Kuda Ring muruwoko munhu anofira iyoyi. It touched my heard it’s in the papers today. May Her dear soul rest in peace. Women dai tangodzidzawo kuti sometimes you can be happier alone

  • U can be shocked apiwa community service. TIZ.

  • Kana denga riiko Satan must roast this man until amen

  • Life has many strange and unpredictable happenings just thank God for your life as well as family. Anything can happen by the blink of an eye.No one knows what tomorrow will bring to them not even the prophets or pastors =


  • Eeee madzimai iyi inyaya inosuwisa zvikuru murume uyu akanganisa zvikuru anofanirwa kunzi life in jail.kana kusaoneka pano pasi nekudenga zvachose.

  • Heart breaking….he must rot in jail

  • Iduzviii munhu uyu aripi ndoda kumurova dako rake apa ranga risingachete vana nemukadzi imhuka ngaaendeswe kuevil forest nxaa andibhowa zvekuti

  • Who is this bush man narrating like he is telling a story to a class of Grade Zeros

  • What was the welcome party for? Taking religion and belief to another level. Prayer had been heard. Prophesy had been proved right that one day her husband woyld return. She may have told the leader of the service that she wanted to give testimony. To tell the congregation that there is power in prayer and that her husband had returned. The leader of the church will confirm that whatever is written on earth regarding marriage is also written in heaven and that she has to accept the husband with open arms. After 2 years of no intimacy between the parties, especially with this estranged husband, there was no longer a marriage and that is 23 years ago.

    Preachers, Pastors and leaders of this church are partly to blame for this loss. Learn to tell your flock the truth to avoid future loss of life.

    Congregants, stop demonising single women in your midst. You may have treated her as half a person in your church because she had been deserted by this killer husband.

    Indeed, in most of these churches you are left questioning your self worth if you are single among the women playing happy families in public.

    There are many factors why she took him back only she could tell us and is no more so no chance.

    May her soul rest in peace and may her family be comforted by our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • I think instead of pointing fingers blaming who was wrong ,what are we doing to avoid this sad loss of life.When we manage to come out with the problem we should in a position also to come out with a solution

    • Taura hako my friend. Ivo vana prophet ava. Ini zii

    • Well said, kumwe kunamata kuri kupusisa vanhu

  • Ummm anoroya chete,imhuka chaiyo

  • Enia Matenga Deborah Mabhiza Cynthia Sibanda Ndanatsiwa Mhangwa

  • Shame ..he shut rot in jail 4r e rst Of hs lfe 😅

  • Nxaaaa

  • Why would one accept someone back into her life after suffering all these year’s fending for her kids….women that level of arrogance is suicidal

  • It is said abused women contribute 90 percent of the abuse by facilitating the abuser. Abuser only contributes 10percent. Don’t present yourself for abuse. After domestic violence for 25yrs , yes it is violence if your husband ignores you for that long. Emotional violence. Maruwadzano ane violence yawoo futi nekusataura chokwadi plus havadi vanhu vasina varume. In a way single women suffer emotional abuse kumachechi uku. Women try to conform by all means even if it means to take back shit after 25yrs. Ruwadzano stop this emotional abuse. Learn from this and revisit your policies.

  • But Why?

  • Really painful.

  • This is so sad

  • mdara

    narrator uyo ndewekumasvingo chete

  • Team

  • Love is rude

  • Ruthless man ,h must rot in jail. Its a lesson to all us women . kana imbwa yabuda mugedhi never take it back.

  • Akanga amboita sei?Ndoo mweya une makumbo nemusoro chaiwo.