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You will commit suicide if we expose your secrets – Grace Mugabe (VIDEO)

We know the secrets of everyone good and bad and If we expose you, some will commit suicide – Grace Mugabe speaking at a Zanu PF rally in Bindura at Chipadze stadium on 9 September 2017

  • Opposition should take advantage of this drama.

  • Lkkkkkkk ma 1

  • The shona saying goes: ” what does not finish is a bad omen “

  • Khama , Mukuru welacoste uyu ndiye aiti vanhu vemuzimbabwe imbwa tinongoVukura ivo vachingotonga

  • Makufumuranaka. Thus the end.

  • wake-up mhani mdhara munangagwa ungaitwa popayi na marujata pajekerere kudaro soo😔😔😔😔

  • God hates the hypocrisy of pointing out others wrong doings when your own house is full of dirt……its like the parable of the woman caught in adultery….if GM understood the true meaning of why Jesus wrote in the dust she’d shut up in double quick time….

  • No one in Zanu is clean

  • That woman needs to be stoppe. She is a loose canon!

  • What about her’s?

  • Hahahah yazoparara ZANU iya , after all these dramas ndaakuDoubta kuti Garwe hapana hapana itorimbwende zvayo😜

    • I agree with u he is overated

    • kkkkkk Garwe rinonyangira ripei tym muchariona zvenyu this is the beginning

    • Haaa rakabatwa muswe ringaitei

    • garwe havarigone he is not a push over thats why mudhara arikuti toisa 3 ma vice

    • Asi richinyadziswa zvakadi pamberi peruzhinji ? Hameno. Handizive hangu

  • A very pathetic scene. The South Africa born Grace Mugabe who left her husband and married President Mugabe really believes she is the defacto President of Zimbabwe. Grace you are a fool to believe that if Robert Mugabe was deceased the good people of Zimbabwe will even look at like a former first lady. The death of Mr. Mugabe would be an investigation into your wealth, land acquisition, law suits and multiple problems for you. You would hate that you were ever married to a President. I hope you hire a bunch of lawyers. In terms of functionality the so- called ZANU-PF would be defunt because of a half wit like you. Attacking a sitting Vice President (Emmerson M.), Firing Joyce Mujuru, the former Vice President claiming that she wanted to kill your husband. You produced no evidence. What a lawless coward.

    • What a response! I want to frame it! Well said!!

  • Why dont u jus expose them all than to keep dirty things ….You are killing the country by that secret jus say it out

  • ZvaGire ndazvitadza nxaa

  • Ndizvo zvinoitika kana mukapinza hure mumba. Family secrets ose anopera kufumurwa.

  • Kana ane shungu dzekufumura, ngaatiudze kwakaenda Itai Dzamara.

  • True. People think the first lady is mad but she has dossiers of everyone in Zanupf

  • No one iz holy in Zanu

  • What about yours

  • Mnangagwa is so Overated. A coward i tell u this man is.

  • A year of revealing the darkest secrets. My eyes and ears are wide open. Will need lenses for enhanced sight, and earphones for uninterrupted hearing. Zvakadzora.

  • She’s worried about secrets instead of the economy

  • We also know secrets

  • Who does not hv secrets?

  • Really? Is that coming from a cheating heart like Grace Mugabe? Will you agree to a DNA test to prove that Mr. Mugabe didn’t get some help with the children he supposedly fathered with you?

  • As for 2018 ZANU has already Rigged the elections, so they now concerned on Factionalism not these opposition losers by default nxaaa

  • Why does she have to speak on rallies ndiye arikutonga Mazimba rume muchitya kutora hutongi🤣🤣

  • Plz tell us ur Secret Amai we are waiting kkkkkk who is really father of ur lunatic kids

  • Kuchishona tinokuti kufukura hapwa.

  • expose them starting point your husband

  • remain silent munaz we wl never go for tht bitch come wich way u are far much displined thn tht violent bitch by the name grace

  • ko iye. kusanyara

  • Can look for a better Journalist please. We are tired hearing this shameful woman. Nothing good comes out of her mouth. She really defecates with her lips

  • Vakomana zvimwe zvinhu zvinotaurwa na momz ava kaa its not appropriate and not for someone who leads like her.

  • Tell us first your own secret about who are you now in Zim?

  • Where is Dzamara?
    What was your plan when your husband suffered diarrhoea?
    Who wanted to kill Garwe?

    We love secrets,but not the ones you expected us to ask for.

  • Too much is too much

  • Kana pane soja rinoenda kure ndi Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Gabriel arikutonga Africa!!!

  • Imi kubva zvamakatonga makauraya vanhu vakawanda wani,tibvirei apo vana marufu