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Elections are not won in the media – Reuben Barwe (VIDEO)

Elections are not won in the media – Reuben Barwe (VIDEO)

  • Really?

  • Mad

  • its really sure ndochokwadi

  • Mazanu ESE mukuti shuwa kudii

  • The media plays a strong dictatorship role

  • Go back to Mozambique

  • It is foolish and misleading to say elections are not won in the media. Information is a critical tool in imparting ideas and influencing decision making process. And it is the duty of the media to disseminate information as such what the media writes or says goes a very long way in influencing the decision making of quite a lot of people.

  • Then he needs to check the Trump/Clinton election in the US. A Zanu beneficiary wawataring zvisina basa.

  • Rember,if it was so u would not cover mugabe forced rallies,u r a zanu pf card holder and what u r doing is simply campaigning for zanu..dont give coverage to zanu and give it to mdc and c if what u claim will b the airwaves,licence kwese period

  • He is right 100% Zim elections are won through rigging.

  • Mxxm what is he saying since i was grade one up to now he is still reporting same old biased side chienda unorima ku prazi kwwko

  • Foolish

  • yes you are right… in Zimbabwe the elections are won in Mudede and ZEc’s offices. We are not idiots…

  • Mathemaglyphics Suggester PHD

    I suggest uyu arikusura nemukanwa

  • They are rigged-ka?

  • So why does barwe champion propaganda and personalise zbc. Look , we are prepare to pay the ultimate sacrifice to remove this zanu regime

  • kkkkkkk Ruben ka kwana

  • Gara pasi

  • So says the master of bootlicking. He is trying to say that elections can’t be won without rigging. Stupid moron.

  • Zezuru dunderheads always struggle with English

    • Shut up fool have you ever heard samanyika, even ndebele and not to mention matoko nemavhitori zezurus have better pronunciation they speak Shona like how it is supposed to be spoken inini ndiri muvhitori by the way

    • Uri zidofo rekumama. What do you mean by Shona because Shona is an umbrella term for all the dialects? Besides am talking about English not Shona. It proves how dumb you are

    • The fact that zezuru is taught in schools doesn’t mean it’s proper Shona. It simply means that the education system wasn’t set up the proper way. Go to SA and see all Nguni dialects are taught in schools

    • Elyas uri duzvi

  • Next time you hear this idiot speak is on Zanu ticket to become an MP….nxah

  • Dako renyu vabarwe,saka mutiudzirei kuti media doesnt win elections yet u tell us u have travelled across africa to cover elections,chingogarai ka pasi

  • Leaking cumz in all shapes n sizes,hello bootylicker

  • Mbavhawo iyoo hanti ikudyawo…

  • #FACT



  • Who invited that fool?

  • Shut up Barwe

  • Zibarwe remunhu

  • Duzvi remunhu Barwe iwe

  • Yes they can’t be won in media but by rigging

  • kkkkkkk uriMhata iwe dako

  • Uri kunyepa iwe aaaaaaaah .

  • Mdidi barwe

  • Hantie akamborohwa here muchinda uyu long back?

    • Nemukadzi paAirport..if not 2002..during time of deportation

  • He is correct!In 2008 they lost when there was a media blackout on the MDC .He knows the majority of the pple dont listen to their propaganda nonsense,those who do listen dont believe them either.Their only role is to block independent media on the airwaves.Even on police camps u see satellite dishes on each and every household,those selling cheap CD’s are making brisk business because pple are sick and tired of their propaganda nonsense.

  • We are not children mr rueben

  • Nonsense

  • Rorwara iri

  • Nxaaa Barwe musuki we harahwa

  • Guava

    Hilary Cliñton had all the mighty of the media and government assets at her fingertips but she lost dismally the U S elections. To win any elections a political party must have sound policies which resonate with the people. Media is only a marketing tool, but if you are selling rotton eggs people wont buy.

  • Dis moron wil always be a rubbish talker, idiot son of a dead naked bitch go fuck yo slf

  • Tell us what happened to Cain Nkala remember the fake theory you gave us when you reporting about shoe lace story ,what ever you were covering up left you with blood on your hands as your pay masters ,only for political mileage .

  • Shame

  • Ana barwee. ……..