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“Since we split in 2005 we have not achieved anything individually” – Tsvangirai (VIDEO)

Morgan Tsvangirai talking about his reunion with former Secretary Generals, Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti on Saturday forming a new coalition MDC Alliance to contest against President Robert Mugabe in next year elections. Tsvangirai said him,Biti and Ncube achieved nothing since the split in 2005.

  • eveñ ñow u a going to achieve nothing trying to pin the electorate by cash crisis even if the last bank close,s its door,to the puplic still Zañupf wiĺl win

    • And i wish zimbabweans continue to suffer by supporting Zanu pf and die poor.

  • Havafungi..kukara kunovanetsa

  • We told these loosers b4 those elections,that united they stand,but divided they fall,baqamulela izikhuni ezindlebeni,even nw they wl fall by the wayside

  • The struggle continues you will still achieve nothing come 2018 kkkkkkk suffer continue..

  • Stupid selfish morons the whole lot. Was that not obvious? If they hadn’t beaten Zanu-pf as a common front what made them think as individuals they could win?

    12 year ‘moment of madness’ I suppose.

    Their current laid back approach suggests they think 2018 is far away…. these chaps are wasting people’s time and playing with their hopes.


  • How about before you split, how much did you achieve then?